Use This Fancy Dollar Store Hack To Upgrade Your Bathroom Hand Towels

When company comes to visit, you want your home to look its best. After a little extra cleaning and polishing, you're all ready for visitors –- the last thing to do is set out a nice clean towel in the guest bathroom. But by the end of the evening, it's distressing to find that fresh towel lying wet and crumpled on the counter. There must be a better way to allow friends and family to dry their hands properly. The alternative to the damp guest towel is to offer a selection of rolled towels designed for individual use, and they look especially classy when displayed on a silver platter. The secret is that all of these items can be found at the dollar store.

The tradition of offering a guest a small towel to use after dinner stems from the history of the fingertip towel. This small towel was usually offered to company along with a bowl of water to dip their fingers into so that guests could rinse their hands between courses of the meal. It was an elegant and refined custom at the time, commonly used in sophisticated settings. You can elevate your own guest bathroom by offering this same thoughtfulness to visitors.

How to create this luxurious display

Begin by selecting a silver tray from the dollar store. These trays are reminiscent of the vanity trays that were popular in Victorian times, when women displayed their accessories in a beautiful manner. Find a tray in a small size that is appropriate for a guest bathroom, and then buff and polish it until it shines. Your next step is to choose a collection of small hand towels. They're usually offered in packets of multiple quantities, so be generous and purchase several to have plenty on hand. Wash and dry the towels to be sure they're as soft as can be, and then fold them into thirds before rolling them up. When they're tightly rolled, they can be stacked atop one another for a luxurious display.

Once guests have used a towel, they'll need a receptacle where they can deposit them. Continue your search at the dollar store until you find a small basket or bin that will be designated specifically for these used towels. You might even consider placing a small label on the basket to indicate its purpose. Creating this elegant presentation in your bathroom is not only economical and sophisticated, but it's environmentally friendly as well. Your guests will feel like they're enjoying the height of luxury, and you'll be secretly delighted to know how easy it was to create this display.