How To Properly Fold And Store Hand Towels

How you fold your towels matters more than you may think. Garage Smart explains that hand towels that are folded and rolled similarly to spa style tubes will take up less space than those that are folded into flat squares. By choosing to roll your hand towels you'll not only save space; you'll be able to stack them nicely. In fact, you'll probably be able to store more of them on your shelves since they can be stacked just as high as flat folded towels. Once they've been rolled, they can be put on display in a pyramid shape, which will look much more inviting than an array of half-used toiletries. Rolled towels can also be tucked neatly away in a basket or linen closet to be used later.

Where you store your towels matters as well. Whether you store your hand towels in or out of the bathroom makes a difference considering the bacteria that spread from toilets and sinks. The best place to store clean towels is in a linen closet out in the hall or, at the very least, in a closed basket or cabinet within the bathroom.

Fold your hand towels

The best way to fold your hand towels so they look nice and take up as little space as possible is a round fold. To do this fold you will need a flat surface and your hand towel. PureWow notes that this method of folding can also be used on larger sized towels. First, you will need to spread out your hand towel on your flat surface. It should be open with the long edge facing you.

Pick up the bottom right corner and fold it away from you so the edges align and form a triangle. Then take the remaining bottom portion of the towel and fold it up so it meets the long edge. At this point the towel should be folded in half with one side coming to a point. Flip the towel over and roll it as tightly as possible. To finish this fold, tuck the pointed flap of the towel into the bottom to secure the roll. Now your hand towel is ready to be stored away or displayed.

Store your hand towels

When it comes to storing your towels, the best place to keep them is outside of the bathroom. This is primarily due to bacteria. Real Simple explains that when a toilet is flushed, a plume of bacteria containing everything from fecal matter to residual vomit travels up and out in every direction. For an uncovered toilet it can reach up to 6 feet away, while low-flush toilets have a plume that stretches around 2 feet. The last thing you want to do is dry your hands or face on a towel covered in bacteria from the toilet.

Furthermore, bacteria can stay alive on towels for weeks. To prevent it from taking up residence on your towels, they really ought to be stored outside of the bathroom whenever possible. If you have no choice but to find them a home in the bathroom, another option is to keep them inside a closed cabinet or a container with a cover. Rolled hand towels can still be used as décor. However, if they're left out in the open, make sure to leave them as decorative touches and make use of a clean set instead.