The Cheap Plate Hack That'll Protect Your Fine China

You would think long gone are the days of elaborately patterned fine china sets and bulky china cabinets, but they're still very much in style. While there might not be the same formality around them as decades before — as in, only using them during holidays or very special dinners — people still love them. Some have inherited their fine china from their grandmother or mother, and they treasure them as dinnerware. Others have gotten swept up in DinnerPartyTok and thrifted a set for aesthetic dinner parties with friends. Whatever the reason, owners will want to know how to protect their heirlooms properly. After all, even though china dinnerware is strong, it can still chip if it's stacked. And if you have a set that includes anywhere from 10 to 24 place settings, you'll definitely need to stack it. Luckily, there's an organizing hack that'll protect fine china and uses something you likely already have in your pantry: paper plates.

You can use paper plates as a makeshift cushion between each fine china plate. This is a great hack to try because most people already have some leftover plates from a recent barbecue or children's birthday party, making it worthwhile to try. Rather than buying expensive covers or separators, you can just use something that's perhaps been gathering dust in the back of your pantry.

How to use paper plates to protect your fine china

Since many people's fine china collections are vintage, finding a replacement can be extremely difficult if a plate chips or cracks. Since direct impact is the largest culprit of chips and dings, you want to be extremely careful regarding how you stack. That's why many china connoisseurs use plate racks, since they allow them to display them individually rather than stacking them on each other. But not everyone has the space for such a rack, so stacking is the necessary alternative. However, to give your collection an added layer of protection, placing something between each plate is recommended. That's where the paper plate hack comes in.

Simply add a paper plate between each fine china plate, allowing it to act as a protective cover. The paper will keep the bottom of the china plate above from rubbing on the one underneath it, saving it from scratches or possible dings. However, you still want to be careful with how you stack your china pieces. It's recommended to have only eight plates max in each pile since adding more can put too much pressure on the bottom plates and cause them to crack. While it might seem intimidating to own such a set, you'll minimize the chances of experiencing cracks or chips if you follow these directions.