Whatever Happened To Halloween Moments Pumpkin Glove Scraper After Shark Tank Season 14?

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Carving pumpkins is one of the most fun and unique parts of celebrating Halloween, especially if you have children, but the seasonal novelty quickly turns to disgust when you remember what it actually feels like to clear out stringy, sticky, and slimy pumpkin seeds before you get to work on your front-porch masterpiece. After experiencing this October nastiness year after year, Daryl Braithwaite decided to do something about it, developing the Halloween Moments Pumpkin Glove Scraper Cleaning and Carving Kit, which he presented to the Sharks on "Shark Tank" in 2022.

Most pumpkin cleaning kits include a small scraper that still requires you to dig through mess, but Braithwaite's creation allows you to avoid the stickiness entirely. Instead of just a small scraper, these kits include a glove that goes up beyond the elbow, a serrated scraper that fits over the user's fingertips, two carving knives, and an additional glove if you have to take a break or clean up another mess later on. With this product, the process of carving pumpkins is much less mushy and messy, but a business needs more than just an idea to make it in the real world.

What happened to Halloween Moments on Shark Tank?

During his pitch on Season 14, Episode 3 of "Shark Tank," Daryl Braithwaite came in strong with a large offer, especially for a seasonal product: $300,000 for 10% of his business. While sharing the reasoning behind the need for his product, Braithwaite also gave a demonstration that showed his commitment to the pitch, and dumped a pumpkin full of slimy seeds and string onto his head. Despite his memorable scene, however, he didn't experience much luck as he continued on.

Once Braithwaite began sharing the more precise numbers behind his business with the stars of "Shark Tank," it was obvious that they began to lose interest. In the couple years since he developed the idea, the founder had put $850,000 of his own and investor money into the company, but he hadn't recouped it in sales. The company had a moderate level of success and a broad patent, the Sharks enjoyed the product, and it was obvious that the founder was passionate, but they all ultimately felt the company was already overfunded and putting more money into it was too risky.

Halloween Moments after Shark Tank

Halloween Moments founder Daryl Braithwaite may not have received a deal on "Shark Tank," but it's apparent that he didn't intend to give up on his business, especially after so much had already been invested into it. "I'm sad because I truly believe that with the connections, the mentorship from the Sharks, this thing is ready to just blow up. And that's what I was hoping today. I didn't get it, but I'm going to continue to persevere like I always have," he said after his pitch on Season 14, Episode 3 of "Shark Tank."

During his time on the episode, he also revealed that he had to order a larger number of units from his manufacturer than necessary in order to secure the deal during the COVID-19 pandemic, so he had quite a bit of stock on his hands. Thankfully, however, this excess amount of product likely helped ensure his business's success after he gained more publicity from the show's time on the air.

Is Halloween Moments still in business?

Despite Halloween Moments' numbers looking a little too risky to invest in, it seems like the business is still doing well after appearing on "Shark Tank" during Season 14. The brand's pumpkin glove scraper kits are available for purchase on its website and via Amazon for $15 to $20, depending on the size of kit you choose. It also looks like Halloween Moments worked its way through the excess stock it had sitting around, as the brand debuted new packaging (above right) ahead of the 2023 pumpkin carving season.

Halloween Moments is fairly active on social media and frequently shares positive reviews from its customers and paid affiliates. The product itself is very seasonally focused, however, so it looks like the brand has started getting more creative with different year-round uses for its pumpkin scraper, like gardening or meal-prepping squash. With this approach, Halloween Moments both expands its audience and increases the value of its product, meaning customers are more likely to justify spending more money on an alternative to a normal carving kit.

What's next for Halloween Moments?

Halloween Moments seems to be experiencing success in its niche market, but it doesn't look like the company plans to expand or change up the product anytime soon. Instead, it appears the brand is focused more on marketing. Its frequent activity on social media, work with affiliates, and trend of sharing additional uses for its pumpkin scraping gloves make it look like the company's main goal is to continue growing its customer base.

If Halloween Moments does continue along the path of sharing secondary uses for its scraper glove, however, it could be possible that the company slightly shifts its branding to something less seasonal. Right now, the product is very heavily Halloween-themed — jack-o'-lantern patterns and bright orange coloring — but an expanding market could mean something that's more subtly spooky. This, however, fully depends on the brand's future moves, and it still appears that Halloween Moments and founder Daryl Braithwaite are doing quite all right with the company's existing seasonal offerings.