The Garage Door Hack That Might Not Be Doing As Much As You Think

Hot, blistering summers with nary a breeze will increase your home's temperature and turn it into a sauna. Under such unpleasant circumstances, you might be willing to try out various hacks to cool down your home. For instance, you might leave your garage door open a crack to improve air circulation and decrease your house's temperature.

But this garage door hack might not be doing as much as you think. Though this hack will promote ventilation, it might not lead to a cool home unless there's a cross breeze. If not, the warm air from outside will raise the temperature inside your garage, heating it up.

Moreover, if the parking space is connected to your home, the heated air will slowly make its way inside the living space, heating your interiors. Additionally, there are other pitfalls of keeping your garage door open. An open door would invite pests and thieves inside. Further, an adjoining space would allow toxic fumes to enter your sanctuary, potentially harming your family.

Cons of keeping your garage door partially open

Keeping your garage door partially open will heat the interiors and let the air-conditioned air from inside escape when you open the adjoining doors or windows. Besides the garage door hack heating your interiors instead of cooling them down, there are other drawbacks, too. For starters, an open door is akin to an open invitation for pests to make their way inside your parking space and rifle through the items, such as pet food, before building their home. Evicting these unwanted guests will give you a headache and cost you a pretty penny if you resort to calling pest control services.

Moreover, an open door is a security concern as it'll make it easier for burglars to enter your garage and steal items, like expensive power tools. If you've adjoining doors, it'll also make your home vulnerable to attacks. Further, if it rains, water can easily get inside the open doors and damage the stored items. Similarly, high winds will sweep dirt and other particles inside, adding a thick layer of dust to all your items. Leaving your garage doors partially open will lead to additional wear and tear as well as shorten the lifespan of the door, forcing you to replace the door sooner than you might've planned.