This Paper Towel Hack Changes The Oven-Cleaning Game

We've all been there — you preheat your oven and the smell of burnt food wafts through your home. If your oven is working properly and nothing is wrong with it, chances are you're smelling last week's reheated pizza, it's cheese caramelized against your oven's walls. But you can easily remove stubborn food remnants — and odors — from your oven with nothing more than paper towels and some dish soap thanks to this genius TikTok hack. You also need some steel wool, a steel scraper, and a little bit of elbow grease. 

The best part about this oven-cleaning hack is that you can avoid using nasty chemicals. And if you use something as simple as dish soap and water, you'll save money by utilizing products you likely already have in your kitchen. But which cleaning products are best, especially for an oven? If you're looking to beef up your green cleaning game, always opt for non-toxic products, especially when cleaning a surface area that comes into contact with food (even indirectly). Additionally, many oven cleaners are made with a mixture of butoxydiglycol or sodium hydroxide, which can cause respiratory issues and affect your skin and eyes. So, if you're ready for a clean, safe oven, here's how this incredible paper towel hack works. 

Grab some paper towels and dish soap

In this incredible TikTok hack, @aurikatariina explains that the first step in cleaning your oven is removing its racks. Next, spray the inside of your oven with an eco-friendly degreaser or dish soap. Once you've done this, line its walls with paper towels and spray them again with your dish soap. This helps to keep the cleaning product in place. As your paper towels work their magic, clean your oven's racks with water and steel wool — no soap is required. Two hours later, remove your paper towels. Scrap away any residual gunk with steel wool or a steel scraper. 

When choosing the best products for cleaning your oven, avoid anything with fragrances. Fragrance poses a safety concern and may be flammable due to its alcohol content. Some homemade 'green' cleaning concoctions contain alcohol, so avoid these as well. Baking soda or dish soap is the best choice for this kind of kitchen hack. You should also note that paper towels left in your oven can catch fire, so be sure to thoroughly inspect the interior after you clean.