Unique Ways To Decorate Your Home Inside & Out With Pumpkins This Fall

When fall rolls around and you start to feel that chilly nip in the air that tells you cooler weather is on the way, then you might start to think about how to decorate your home for the Halloween season. The perfect choice, of course, is to use pumpkins. What might not be so obvious is how you should use them in order to keep your décor fresh and fun. Granted, you can always rely on the classic carved pumpkin to adorn the exterior of your abode, but that can be a little limiting. Fortunately, there are plenty of other options beyond carving that you might absolutely adore. Along with being unique, they might actually last through more of the season than a typical Jack-O-Lantern. 

Do you want something that sticks around a little (or a lot) longer while also being an eye-catching addition? Then, you'll surely want to check out the wide range of ways that you can incorporate pumpkins into your décor both inside and outside of your home. Whether you want something that's relatively subtle or options that are on the statement-making side, you may not be able to resist embracing multiple pumpkin-related fall décor ideas.

Welcome friends with a pumpkin sign

Halloween may be an eerie season and the time to spook children who come to trick or treat at your door. However, that doesn't mean that you have to scare away your other visitors. Make sure that your guests know that your home is still an inviting place by putting out a welcome sign that's made out of a pumpkin. Although you can come up with whatever design suits you, you may want to burn the image (as you might if you were dealing with wood) in order to make it last.

Fill planters with pretty pumpkins

You don't have to put your planters away when summer ends and fall begins. Instead, you can keep them right where they are and give each one a minor seasonal makeover. All you need to do is get a few pumpkins and use them to fill the base by placing them on top of any soil, mulch, or pebbles that are already inside. You can opt for as many pumpkins as you need as well as different shapes and colors. If your planters are on the smaller side, then you can use mini pumpkin-like grouds.

Brighten your door with a pumpkin wreath

If you're the kind of person who loves wreaths, then you know that they can be used for more than just the holidays. Spring, summer, and autumn wreaths are all fabulous, including ones that feature (faux or small gourd) pumpkins. Although you might assume they're meant to adorn the exterior of your front door, you can also hang them up inside. You can place it over your fireplace mantle, in your kitchen, or even above your bed if you want to wake up each morning and be reminded of your favorite season.

Get crafty with witchy pumpkins

If you already have a witch's costume around the house, then you have just what you need for this next idea. Grab a real pumpkin and carve a face into it or buy a fake plastic one that already has one. Next, attach the pumpkin to a stick which you can then place securely into the ground. Finally, pop the witch hat onto the pumpkin and drape the costume on the stick to complete your freaky figure.

Light up the night with a fairy light pumpkin

You don't have to use fire in order to light up your fall pumpkins. Instead, grab a string of fairy lights and place them inside to create a gorgeous or eerie glow. This will keep it lit up for longer than a candle that goes out after a few hours. And, it's an ideal option if you want to be able to bring your pumpkins inside during a Halloween party and not have to worry about open flames. You could even use colorful or twinkling lights for a magical touch.

Cozy up with knitted pumpkins

Put your knitting or crocheting skills to good use by making your own super-soft indoor pumpkins. Although you can make them any size, you may want to opt for full-sized versions to truly make the most of the season. You can even make ones that are different sizes for some visual variety. Give your knitted pumpkins a unique touch by adding your own special details such as using a specific pattern, opting for accents, or adding a family member's name to each one.

Elevate pumpkins with etching

Carving a pumpkin may be something that you've done since you were a child. However, not everyone has tried etching their pumpkin. Instead of cutting into the orange flesh, simply scrape the outer layer off to create your fall-inspired design. If you want to add some extra detail and potentially some shading, then you can scrape some areas a little deeper. Just be sure not to go too deep or you'll cut right through. You could opt for anything from falling leaves to a Calaveras de azúcar, a.k.a. a sugar skull like this example.

Display a pumpkin dog park

Anyone who loves dogs and likes to go big (or even arguably over the top) for the season may love the idea of creating their own pumpkin dog park. This is an activity that could fill all of October if you choose to keep adding new pumpkins all month long. Simply carve or paint each one to look like a different kind of pup —  a German Shepherd, a Great Dane, and, of course, a cute Corgi. Add a skeleton human with some leashes made of glowsticks if you really want to light things up.

Make fun pumpkin animals

Get creative with your pumpkins by turning them into different animals. However, instead of just carving images, you should try creating what you might call sculptures. Let your imagination run wild when it comes to how to complete each critter. You may want to use a pumpkin with a rough exterior to mimic frog skin, use leftover bits for a tongue, and opt for gourds to make buggy eyes. You could also add some craft feathers for a bird or etch a few scales for a lizard.

Project pumpkins for simple decor

Take advantage of technology to create eye-catching pumpkin decorations for fall. Look for a projector with different options like seasonal pumpkins and an assortment of falling leaves. Or, you might be interested in Jack-O-Lanterns with creepy spiders and webs. Although this is an option that will obviously work best at night and won't be as useful during the day, it will still be worth it to have such a spectacular display for you and your neighbors to enjoy.

Fill a hanging planter with pumpkins and gourds

You don't have to leave your hanging or box planters empty or take them down when the colder weather hits. That's because they just happen to be the perfect spots to set up your autumn décor. Put a new hanging basket liner in the bottom before adding small pumpkins along with a few gourds and perhaps some fallen leaves. Arrange them in the same way you would flowers — using ones that boast complementing colors and varying shapes to create a pleasing display.

Make your own pumpkin characters

Bring some life to your fall decorations with the help of pumpkin characters. You can do this by keeping the top of the pumpkin in place, turning it on its side, and using the stem as a nose. Each one will be different and give the pumpkins a unique look. Add some eyes and a mouth as well as maybe a wig, scarf, or hat to finish things off. You might end up with a pumpkin that has a silly expression or one that's creepy, freaky, or perhaps even full of mystery.

Put out pumpkin pillows

You'll find yourself wanting to cuddle up with your pumpkins when they happen to also be pillows. Whether you prefer ones that are soft and fluffy or ones that are smooth and velvety, it's best to opt for ones that are wonderfully plush. You'll also likely want ones that are nice and plump. If they have faux stems, then it will only add to the effect and make these perfect additions to your fall decorations. The same can be said if the pillows come in autumn-like colors such as dark orange, deep green, and rich maroon.

Use a ceramic pumpkin for a classy fall touch

Although you might have a few ceramic pumpkins among the fall décor that you have inside of your home, you can also use them outside in your yard for something a little different. Not only will they look pristine without the need to carve them, but they'll also be easy to clean up if they get dirty. If they have a protective finish, then they'll be able to stand up to the sunshine, wind, rain, and even snow if the cold weather comes before the season is over.

Use smoke to make an eerie statement

Take your fall decorations up a notch by creating a pumpkin that emits smoke. Fortunately, you don't have to set your pumpkin on fire to capture this eerie effect. Instead, you can use a fog machine and simply route a tube from the contraption to your pumpkin where the smokey substance can be released. Or, you can use dry ice which you can occasionally replace to keep the smoke churning. A great option to use either inside or outside, this is so cool and creepy that it might become your signature seasonal piece.