Clean Your Pet's Crate In A Few Easy Steps With A Handy Kitchen Staple

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Pets are a part of our families, but unlike human members, they tend to make more of a mess. Between shedding, slobbering, chewing up toys, and bathroom accidents, a pet's crate can become gross quickly. If left without cleaning, dog kennels will start to smell. Because your pet's crate is their safe place, it's important to keep it comfortable and clean. With regular maintenance and care, your dog's crate will not only smell better, but it will be more hygienic. With some water and Dawn dish soap, the kennel can be spotless and odor-free.

While traditional cleaning products like bleach, ammonia, and disinfectant wipes are useful for a lot of jobs, they can be harmful to pets. If your pet happened to lick their crate after it was cleaned with chemical products, they could become sick. Dogs also have an extremely strong sense of smell, and these chemicals can be irritating to them. By using dish soap, you'll ensure that your pet's kennel is clean and safe.

How to clean a dog crate

To start cleaning your pet's kennel, you'll need to remove everything inside it, including beds, blankets, toys, and water dishes. Once the crate is empty, vacuum the inside to get rid of any loose dirt or fur without spreading it around your home. Rather than lugging the kennel outside or into your bathtub, this method allows you to clean the crate without having to move it too much.

First, pour a little Dawn dish soap into a bucket and fill it halfway with water. For crates that have a removable tray in the bottom, start by taking it out. Use a microfiber cloth or cleaning rag to wipe down the tray with the soapy water. Then, you can clean the rest of the kennel, whether it's wire or plastic, with your cleaning solution. Allow all parts of the crate to dry before putting it back together. You will also want to wash your pet's bedding that stays inside the crate.

How to wash your pet's soiled bedding

Dog beds are often the stinkiest part of a pet's crate, and they harbor tons of hair that can be difficult to remove. A horsehair vacuum attachment will help to get rid of most of the fur before washing, but you can use a pumice stone to rub the hair off before vacuuming if necessary.

For beds with a removable cover, simply remove it, make sure the zipper is closed, and throw it in the washing machine on a hot cycle with unscented detergent. Most pet bed covers can also go in the dryer. Other beds may need to be washed in your bathtub or sink with hot water and soap. You may also try spot-treating portions of the bed if it's not too dirty. By keeping your pet's crate clean, your home will smell better and your dog will thank you.