TikTok Has A Few Helpful Hacks If Your Air Conditioner Is Struggling

The air conditioner can feel like the best thing on earth when the weather is hot and humid, but sometimes it doesn't work the way you want it to. Not only can it potentially do the complete opposite of its function and start blowing out hot air instead, it may even pack up completely. Of course, this is not what you want when you're already feeling like a sweaty mess. Luckily, TikTok, home of hacks for almost every situation, has a few tips on how to get your floor fan blowing out blissfully cool air when your air conditioner decides to take a break, and they all involve ice. Because of this, they'll only work until the ice melts, making them ideal temporary solutions during extremely hot weather.

There are several hacks to choose from below, and you may not need to buy anything new. Whether it involves using a frozen milk jug, water bottles, a ziplock bag, or a large block of ice, the following tips and tricks will allow you to cool down a hot room in a matter of minutes, letting you concentrate on your work in your home office or get a much better night's sleep in your bedroom. This could also be a temporary fix when waiting for a professional to repair or replace your air conditioner.

These TikTok hacks will keep you cool

The first (and probably easiest) way to keep your fan blowing cool air is to fill a ziplock bag with water and freeze it in a bowl, as demonstrated by TikToker @kg_sunshine. Once frozen, place the bowl behind your fan and use it in a small space. The next hack is shown by @mrchip_london and is more of a DIY solution to an air conditioning unit and requires more items to pull off. You'll need a fan, a block of ice, a large polystyrene or waterproof box, and something to cut it with. Simply make three large holes on each side of the box, place the block of ice inside, attach the lid, and put the fan face down on top. It won't work as well as air conditioning, but this hack will help to give you some relief during hot weather.

As outlined in the TikTok above by @delphio, the third trick involves putting a milk carton filled with frozen water in front of the fan. To protect your floor or furniture, place something underneath so that the melting ice doesn't cause damage. The fourth and final tip by @simplysocials is similar except you should swap the milk carton for two frozen water bottles. Make sure to place an egg box beneath the bottles to catch any drips. Though not a long-term substitute for air conditioning, these hacks will at least keep you from overheating during a heatwave.