HGTV's Mike Holmes Offers His Best Advice For Improving The Air Quality In Your Home

Air quality in a home directly impacts the health and well-being of its occupants. Poor indoor air quality can lead to a range of health issues like exacerbating allergies and other respiratory problems. It is also said to have negative effects on cognitive function and mental health. One solution that Mike Holmes identifies on his YouTube channel is reducing the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other harmful particles like mold spores in the air.

In the podcast episode, Mike Holmes chats with Sonny Pirotta of Panasonic and Bob Deeks of RDC Fine Homes about homebuyers and homeowners maintaining health and safety in the home by investing in devices that improve the air quality. "We need to stop thinking that this is the responsibility of the government and/or the builders, this is your responsibility, this is your money. You want to buy a house, you want to buy it right," he says (via YouTube).

Purifying the air in the home

Mike Holmes explains that the dust in the air can come from our dead skin, pet dander, and VOCs, which people are becoming more conscious about by shopping for things like carpets and paint that have been labeled VOC-free. "The more that we can reduce these volatile organic compounds in our homes and what we're breathing, the better," he says (via YouTube). "Mold-resistant products [are] another thing that we want to do, to confirm that we don't put mold in our homes."

Some other ways to reduce VOCs are to ventilate properly, circulate fresh air, and use air purifiers with the right technology to remove pollutants. When talking about airtight houses and potential solutions to maintaining ideal indoor temperatures, Sonny Pirotta explains that it requires proper ventilation combined with the right air purification tools, like Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) systems. "When it comes to something in your home for your health, that's what you start to need to pay attention to," says Mike Holmes.