The Household Item You Didn't Know Your Vacuum Needed

Even if you clean regularly, dirt can build up around various cracks and crevices in your house, leaving layers of small crumbs and dust compounding out of eyesight. These can be a nightmare to reach with your regular vacuum, especially behind hard-to-move furniture. Thankfully, there is a nifty household item that you can attach to your vacuum to help solve the problem: a funnel. Connecting this household item to the end of your vacuum hose, as shown by @carlamelendez63 on TikTok, could help you reach down the most challenging crevices in your home and eliminate hard-to-reach dirt.

Alongside allowing you to clean more efficiently, using a funnel should also help to save you money, as you won't have to splash the cash on any branded attachments sold by stores. Instead, your own makeshift version should save you a lot of time and is an easy way to make vacuuming more effective. Although you may need to put a bit more effort in on your behalf, you should be done in a flash. Before starting this hack, you should double-check that your vacuum has a hose attachment. So, how do you use it with your vacuum?

Attach it to the end of your vacuum hose

For this hack, all you need to do is grab an unused kitchen or oil funnel. If it's dusty, just give it a quick rinse and clean. However, if you don't have one somewhere in your house, you can always find one at your local store or online. Once you have one in hand, all you need to do is attach or hold it in place on the end of your vacuum hose. When it's in place, you can push it through nooks and crannies in your house, such as between appliances, to clean up any excess crumbs or dirt that have built up over time. Some other examples of places you could use it include between furniture or along the edges of your floors. You could even use it to reach under your sofa. However, you can use it wherever you see fit. 

So, why does the funnel work so well? Well, as it's attached to the vacuum hose, it allows for added suction down the bottom of the funnel, which helps to pick up dirt. With the air concentrated down one particular spot, it can do a much better job. Likewise, its small size makes it incredibly easy to use in tight spaces compared to a bulky hose. Just make sure you don't vacuum up any small items that could negatively impact your device.