One Easy Tip To Make Vacuuming More Effective

While there are many different vacuum brands, there are only two models of dust chambers. Your vacuum can either collect the dirt and dust in a bag you dispose of or an empty container. How well your vacuum runs depends on how often you remove the filth it picks up. You should do this routinely, but the frequency depends on the model you own.

David's Vacuums explains that people who use these machines with dust bags need to remember to purchase new ones because they go in the garbage every time they get full. While this may seem like a downside, the bags are more efficient at holding the dirt you just collected. Then there are bagless vacuums that hold all the dust in a container you'll need to open above your garbage can. Even though they're lighter to carry and more convenient to use, you're more likely to accidentally spray the dirt back onto your floors when emptying them. Despite both models having pros and cons, they'll stop working to their full potential if you don't routinely empty these compartments.

Empty the dust container when you're done

The best way to keep your vacuum running is to empty the dirt when you're done. This may mean replacing the bag with a new one or opening the dust container. Forgetting this step can make your vacuum lose suction power, according to Life Supply USA. It'll be harder to move your machine over carpets, and it'll take longer to clean because you will need to pass over the same spot multiple times for all the dirt to get picked up. The longer you use your vacuum in this state, the more likely the motor will overheat and eventually break. Then you will have to pick between spending a lot of money to repair your machine or buying a new one.

How often you remove the dust or bag from your machine depends on how frequently you vacuum your home. Some people prefer to do it every day, while others wait weeks. The best way to judge the time to use a new bag is by how full it is. And you should never let it get full, according to CNET. Instead, change it when it's two-thirds of the way. With bagless vacuums, you can empty them every time you're done using the machine. You should also routinely wash the container with soap and water.

Keep it clean

Along with emptying the dust, you should wash the part of your vacuum that collects it. While this area may appear clean since you threw away the dirt, some are likely stuck to the sides and vacuum filters. You don't have to worry about this step using a vacuum with a bag. Although, if you have a reusable one, it may be machine washable. First, check with the manufacturer. If it is, you can throw it in the washer with a mild detergent.

For bagless vacuums, you will need to disassemble your machine partially. Maids recommend running it for 30 seconds before removing the dust cup, so nothing is left inside other parts of your vacuum. Then fill your sink with hot water and a couple of drops of dish soap. Submerge the parts in water and leave them to soak. After about 20 minutes, use a brush to scrub them clean. Then rinse them with more hot water and leave them to air dry. Lastly, reassemble them and use your machine again.