Why Do People Put Coca-Cola In Their Washing Machines?

Many people keep a can or two of Coca-Cola in their kitchen. Oddly enough, over the years, the popular drink has come in handy for much more than drinking. In fact, Coca-Cola can actually be used to battle stubborn laundry stains when loading your washing machine.

Though Coke has a high amount of carbonation, that is not what helps it do its magic when it comes to cleaning. Instead, it's the acidic blend found in Coca-Cola that helps break down grimy build-up. The beverage contains both phosphoric and citric acid which lower the pH, making the soda more acidic than not — and a helpful cleaning agent.

That's the reason why Coke works well when cleaning toilets. When added to a laundry load, it can also clean your clothing and help remove stuck-on stains. In addition, the process is easy and you don't need to add any tedious, time-consuming steps that prolong the chore of laundry.

How to use Coca-Cola to remove stains from clothes

To use Coca-Cola to remove stains from your clothing, all you have to do is pour some into the washing machine. Simply add one can of Coke to the washing machine when you do a regular laundry cycle. Then, use your normal laundry detergent and wash as usual.

Coke works especially well on tough grease stains. It can also remove blood and asphalt stains, which can be difficult at best. This makes the often on-hand beverage a good go-to for people who work in jobs where they regularly encounter stains from their daily activities.

One benefit of using a simple can of Coke over a stain cleaner is that it does not contain toxic ingredients. By relying on the natural acid found in Coke, you are avoiding adding extra chemicals to your clothing. It's also budget-friendly. On top of that, Coke is known for its ability to deodorize, so you'll get the added benefit of having clean, fresh-smelling clothing, too.