Whatever Happened To Major Mom Home Organization Service After Shark Tank Season 7?

After a long day, the best thing in the world is to come home to a clean house. It's hard to relax when there are backpacks on your sofa, old bills on your coffee table, and moving boxes from years ago still piled high in the garage. If the clutter in your home is waging war on your peace of mind, it may be time to call in some reinforcements. That's why Angela Cody-Rouget, a major in the United States Air Force, created Major Mom. Major Mom is a home organization company that employs local veterans and incorporates military techniques into their services. As a missile combat crew commander, Cody-Rouget literally held the keys for a nuclear missile launch, so it's safe to say she works well under pressure, whether that's the threat of enemy fire or a mountain of knick-knacks and paperwork. 

While Cody-Rouget's company had been growing on its own, the retired missileer needed some extra financial support to fund her franchise idea, so she decided to brave the Shark Tank in season 7. "If the president trusted me with the keys to the nukes, you can trust me with your money," she said on the episode (available via Hulu). Was her novel idea enough to win over the sharks, or would she have to find another way to launch her future franchise? Here's what happened to Major Mom on Shark Tank and how Cody-Rouget led her company after the episode.

What happened to Major Mom on Shark Tank?

Major Angela Cody-Rouget marched into the Shark Tank and announced that she was seeking $150,000 in exchange for 20% equity in her company. Major Mom offers a free phone consultation and several organization packages to suit customer's unique needs. Options ranged from the $288 "Jumpstart" package with four hours of organizing to the $2,088 "Liberty" package with 46 hours of hands-on help. At that time, Major Mom had started out in only two states, Colorado and Arizona. Still, the company had already been rather successful, maintaining 16 employees and staying on track to make $550,000 in sales that year. The problem was that Cody-Rouget wanted to expand her franchise and put highly trained organizers all across the map. 

Robert Herjavec was the first shark to make a call. He was out, arguing that Cody-Rouget should bring franchisee members into the fold before charging them $25,000 — essentially loaning them the branch. Kevin O'Leary agreed with Herjavec that the franchise deal wouldn't work out. Daymond John and Mark Cuban seemed sympathetic to Cody-Rouget's mission, but they had to declare themselves out as well. "Once you start going into that franchising model, you're going to spread yourself so thin," said Lori Greiner, "So the reason I'm out is because I have a difference of opinion as to where I think you should be going with the company." 

Major Mom after the episode

When Angela Cody-Rouget walked out of the Shark Tank, she hadn't hooked any sharks on her idea, but her spirits remained undefeated. "My time in the tank is not going to derail my efforts to franchise Major Mom because I want to help veterans," said Cody-Rouget, "I'm going to keep going onward and upward until I become a national brand." She may have lost the battle on Shark Tank, but Cody-Rouget didn't give up on the war. In fact, the "Shark Tank effect" still helped her gain some national attention from sponsors, investors, and customers. 

Shortly after the show, she was able to raise nearly $17,000 and gained dozens more clients. She also now had several leads for people interested in opening their own franchise locations. By the end of 2021, Cody-Rouget had expanded Major Mom to 14 locations across five states, according to some reports. However, her website still only lists 12 locations in three states: Colorado, Arizona, and Indianapolis. While the company was only earning about $400,000 to $500,000 at the time of the Shark Tank episode, that profit is said to have grown to an estimated $5 million annually.

Is Major Mom still in business?

In early 2022, Major Mom began rebranding its name to "Major Organizers." In a company blog post, Angela Cody-Rouget explained that the rebrand would help them send a clearer message about their services and become more inclusive toward employees of all genders. "I will still continue to use Major Mom as my personal brand for speaking and teaching," Cody-Rouget wrote, "All Liberators will still use the Major Mom Method of organizing, and we will still refer to our team as Major Mom & the Liberators."

It's difficult to say for certain whether Major Organizers is still in business, but it appears that they are still reachable through consultation and contact forms on their website, which is still up and running. However, there are currently two IP addresses, majormom.biz and majororganizers.com, which both seem to be owned by the company. This could cause potential customers to feel some confusion about their business status and the proper way to request services. Another factor is the company's lack of social media presence. Major Organizers does have a company Facebook page, but no new posts or updates have been made since 2021. The company also has a YouTube channel, but no new videos have been posted in years. 

What's next for Major Organizers' founder?

Like many other small businesses, it's possible that Angela Cody-Rouget and her business, Major Organizers, experienced some setbacks from the COVID-19 pandemic. After all, the organization method generally required her team of Liberators to enter people's homes — something that wasn't very feasible during worldwide quarantine lockdowns. Cody-Rouget stays relatively quiet on all social media fronts, but it seems she stuck true to her word about maintaining the Major Mom brand image for herself. She frequently speaks at conferences, media interviews, and events, and lists herself as a "speaker for hire" on the original Major Mom website. 

As for Major Organizers, the future is unclear but still seems positive. On the rebranded website, organization services are still listed alongside the company's phone number and free estimate forms. If you're in need of a professional clutter reset in your home, Major Organizers still offers five service packages, depending on the scope and duration of your project. While the company hasn't physically expanded much since its 2015 debut on Shark Tank, Cody-Rouget may continue to follow her dream of expanding the franchise across the nation and "liberating" families from their clutter.