The Biophilic Design Choice That Jeremiah Brent Incorporates In His Home

Biophilic design is all about including nature in our homes and living spaces in more intentional ways. It is based on the simple fact that we as humans do better when we feel connected to nature and have constant links to it, so this can look like letting the sun or fresh air in or cultivating gardens and plants as part of the design. For designer Jeremiah Brent, one of his favorite things is having trees or branches indoors.

"I've always loved having a tree in our living room or in our home," he says in this TikTok. Decorating a home with indoor trees can be a wonderful way to tie nature into your home d├ęcor. While purifying the air, they add texture and life, creating a more tranquil atmosphere. Because they are much more advanced than houseplants, though, they require more planning, care, and attention to ensure they flourish.

Decorating your home with an indoor tree

When adding an indoor tree to your home, you need to select the best type for the conditions in your home. It should be compatible with the room's ceiling height, temperature, moisture conditions, and the amount of light and shade that it gets. Indoor trees also require some long-term planning. Because they can grow a lot, you need to determine if the space is right for them or how you'll need to prune it so it remains a good fit.

For aesthetics, the tree and pot should complement the room's style, from their colors to their shapes. A tree with simple leaves can act as a nice background piece while a colorful fruit tree can be a focal, lively piece for the space. Another thing to note with this biophilic design choice is that you need a tree that matches your skills and how much work you're willing to put in. Triangle Ficus and yucca trees, for example, are easy to maintain, while olive and bamboo trees need more tending. Jeremiah Brent has a huge olive tree in his own home, as seen on Instagram.