Make A High-End Looking Planter With Items Found At Dollar Tree

If you don't have the greenest thumb and seem to have trouble keeping natural plants alive, faux plants make excellent alternatives for adding a touch of greenery to your space. However, fake plants are typically more expensive than living ones when you buy them from retail stores because they usually also come with a planter. Instead of settling for a costly planter that probably won't match your home's interior, try DIYing a high-end-looking piece that you can customize. According to YouTuber @lizfenwickdiy, you only need a few things from Dollar Tree to create a stunning faux ceramic planter to hold your artificial plants.

You'll need eight green foam floral rings, a hot glue gun, a can of satin beige spray paint from ColorShot, a can of stone finish spray paint from Rustoleum, and your choice of greenery. The YouTuber added plastic sheets and cloth covers inside her container to create height for her faux branches. You don't have to use the same paint colors, number of foam rings, or faux shrub as she did, as you can customize this piece according to your desires. For instance, place decorative fake flowers instead of a plant inside the container to provide your space with an elegant look. Here's how to recreate the planter to display inside your home for an elevated appearance.

Steps for a faux ceramic planter

Once you've acquired all of your materials, take them outside to start your project. You'll be spray painting a few times, so completing the DIY outside prevents making a mess and helps with ventilation. Begin by hot gluing all of the green floral rings together, stacking them on top of each other. Repeat the hot gluing process until all of the rings are stacked. Then, spray paint the rounds with the solid satin beige color inside and outside the planter, ensuring there's an even layer so that you can't see the green peeking through. Allow the paint to dry, and add another coat if needed.

Then, apply the stone paint inside and outside the planter after the solid beige color has dried, and let this coat dry as well. Finally, place your faux plant inside. YouTuber @lizfenwickdiy fills her planter with plastic bags and cloths for filler, then tops it off with branches, creating a faux fern shrub. However, if you don't like the look of artificial greenery and have a small natural houseplant in a plastic container that fits inside the ring planter, use that instead. The plant has to be tall enough to peak out through the top, but you'll still be able to water it easily since the rings have an opening at the bottom where you can slip the plant out.