The Genius Trick You Need To Make Your Baseboards Look Taller

Often overlooked in interior design, baseboards have a distinct charm that should not be disregarded. These modest architectural features may be small, but they play a significant role in protecting walls and adding aesthetic appeal. However, it is the tall baseboards that truly have the power to transform a space. Opting for taller options can instantly infuse a room with elegance and sophistication, creating an elevated ambiance. But now, several people are ditching conventional installation methods and taking a bit of inspiration from this clever faux-finish paint trick to make baseboards look taller.

The cost of baseboard installations can quickly add up, and additional base molding will only drive prices higher. Thankfully, this cost-efficient paint trick allows you to achieve the appearance of taller baseboards without breaking the bank. Best of all, you can accomplish this trendy project on your own without needing a contractor. So, let's explore how you can level up your space and give the appearance of taller baseboards using paint.

Going beyond boundaries

Creating the illusion of elongated baseboards is a simple task that can be accomplished through painting. However, before embarking on this paint project, it is crucial to ensure that the wall, particularly the lower section, is properly primed and painted to match the color of your existing baseboards. This initial step will make the following stages of the process a breeze.

In a popular TikTok video, @oursunnycasa showcases their method of achieving the look of taller baseboards on their laundry room accent wall. The technique involves leaving a gap of approximately 6 to 8 inches near the baseboard while painting. Afterward, they applied extra wide painter's tape at the top of the existing baseboard, ensuring it was aligned evenly for straight, clean lines. Using a smaller paintbrush, they precisely apply the new paint color, resulting in a neat and polished finish. After removing the tape, the original wall color seamlessly blends with the existing baseboard, creating the optical illusion of taller baseboards. The faux-finish paint trick provides the impression of taller baseboards, but if you want to take this DIY project to the next level, consider incorporating PVC trim. These polyvinyl chloride boards offer a more affordable alternative to traditional wood molding while delivering a similar appearance. Cut and align the PVC trim along the paint line and securely nail it to the wall. This addition not only enhances the visual height of the baseboards, but the PVC trim adds a sense of depth and dimension too.