You'll Never Touch Up Paint Another Way After Seeing This TikTok Hack

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It's natural that paint starts to look a little dirty as time goes on, but the trouble is when some parts look better than others, creating sections of mismatched color and texture. Not only is it annoying to look at, but the issue with an uneven finish is that it could also potentially bring down the overall look of your home. The good news is that there's an easy and affordable solution to solving the problem of paint that is starting to look less than brilliant — a paint pen.

Not just for touching up that scratch on your car bonnet, this nifty pen will get the paintwork in your home looking brand new without any of the hassle of getting out a brush and paint tray. Plus, as paint pens are made for all types of paint, you can simply wash it out and reuse it over and over again. While a brush is reusable, too, there's something about the convenience of a pen that puts it a cut above other touch-up products. Here's all you should know about how to use a paint pen so you can restore your flaking wall to its former glory.

Never worry about a touch-up looking sloppy again

Paint pens, like this the Slobproof Refillable 2 in 1 Paint Brush Pens from Amazon, are relatively easy to find and will make touching up your paint incredibly simple. As laid out in the TikTok post above, by @shelsrich, the only thing you need to do for set-up is fill the syringe with the paint of your choice and then dispense this into the pen itself. Use the brush point to apply the paint to the desired section until it's filled in fully. Once dry, the area that has been touched up shouldn't be too obvious due to the precision of the pen. 

We love this hack because it's both fuss and mess-free, making it ideal for perfectionists. Moreover, you won't need to stress about paint matching, as you'll be using the same paint color that's already on the wall. You could even get ahead of the game by filling up a pen when you're done painting the first time around and labeling it so you know you always have a little paint left over for emergencies. There are some potential downsides of spot-treating one area, including color difference and opacity, but overall this hack will even things out.