Use This Trick To Get Your Fiddle Leaf Fig To Sprout More Branches

If your fiddle leaf fig is looking a little sparse, there's a way you can get it to grow more branches. Even better, new growth occurs relatively quickly, meaning you'll have your plant looking its best and thriving with just a few simple steps. The trick is snipping the buds from your fiddle leaf fig plant, encouraging new growth to begin. Keep in mind that there may be several reasons why your fiddle leaf fig tree may stop growing. One reason is that its roots are wrapped too tightly. It may also have issues thriving if it has outgrown its planter. 

However, a few well-placed snips may be all you need to help your plant sprout new greenery, but if you still find that this hack doesn't encourage your plant to grow, you may need to consider moving it to a larger pot. You may also need to consider the type of soil you've used and whether your plant has enough light. Your pot also needs to properly drain so the soil isn't too saturated. But, you may be pleasantly surprised with how well your fiddle leaf fig reacts to this useful hack.

Prune the buds

To get your fiddle leaf fig plant to grow new branches, you'll need to remove its brown buds. This might seem daunting, but it's a necessary step to stimulate fresh growth. When you prune a fiddle leaf fig, it activates your plant, and you'll see a new branch within a few weeks. According to TikTok user @purivedplantfood, you may see fresh growth in as little as a week, with bits and pieces of green peeking out. Either way, you need to make some cuts in your plant to see the magic start to happen. 

Always use clean scissors. Otherwise, you run the risk of spreading disease or other pathogens from one plant to another. And if your fiddle leaf fig is already struggling to grow, it's best to be on the safe side. Locate the brown buds between leaves and, using your clean scissors, snip them off. You'll see the white sap beneath. Don't touch it. Instead, gently blot it with a clean paper towel. Once you've completed these steps, continue to give your fiddle leaf fig plant plenty of water and sunlight, depending on how humid your house is. If you still don't see the desired results and your plant refuses to grow new branches, you can try changing its planter. If you notice its roots are in a ball, gently massage them until the knot loosens. Combined with this incredible TikTopk hack, your fiddle leaf fig should sprout new branches in no time.