The Simple Salt Hack For Cleaning Your Nonstick Pans

Over time, nonstick pans often accumulate stubborn stains and residues. However, using harsh scouring pads can damage the delicate nonstick surface. Enter the salt hack — a gentle, effective way to clean without causing wear and tear. When faced with stubborn stains on these pans, the abrasive power of salt, in its gentlest form, comes to the rescue.

But before we jump in, let's better understand how exactly nonstick pans work. Non-stick pans, primarily coated with Teflon, prevent food from adhering to the pan's surface, offering easy cooking and cleaning experiences. However, this can often be short-lived, leaving a crusty, temperamental, egg-destroying mess in our sink.

Now, you must be wondering, how does salt fit into this picture? Well, salt brings back the "magic" of your nonstick pan. By creating a small barrier between the food and the pan, salt acts as both a buffer and exfoliator, essentially uncovering the chemical coating of your pan. Although this is not a long-term solution, it is undoubtedly a reliable short-term one, lifting any residue from your previous cooking.

How to use this trick and save your pan

To bring your nonstick pan back to its former glory using salt, let the pan cool down after cooking. Once cooled, dab a bit of dish soap and, using a sponge, gently clear away any food remnants, avoiding scourers to protect the nonstick coating. Rinse the pan thoroughly and pat dry with a towel, ensuring no leftover moisture. Place the now-dry pan on your cooktop and turn the heat high, letting it get hot. Once heated, evenly sprinkle table salt across the surface. Allow the salt to cook until it turns a brownish hue, which might take a few minutes. Using a wet kitchen paper towel, carefully wipe away the browned salt, discarding it in the sink or trash. 

Finish by lightly rubbing a touch of cooking oil over the nonstick surface, restoring its smoothness. This uncomplicated procedure not only rejuvenates your pan but also plays a pivotal role in extending its life, ensuring many more delightful meals from your cherished nonstick cookware. By heeding these guidelines and using this one-of-a-kind salt hack, you can ensure a long, efficient life for your precious pots and pans.