Whatever Happened To The Last Lid After Shark Tank Season 3?

Melissa and Kevin Kiernan, a husband and wife team, brought their fabric garbage can cover into the "Shark Tank" in February of 2012. The Last Lid was created by the Kiernans to solve the never-ending problem of losing their trash can lid and struggling to find a replacement that fit. The stretchy lid is made completely from water-resistant polyester, is compatible with most outdoor garbage cans, and can be adjusted with velcro to create a snug fit.

The sides of the cover have openings for the trash can's handles and a metal ring that clips to one handle and ensures the lid never gets lost. "Now you never have to worry about losing your garbage can lid again," Kevin Kiernan told the sharks. "And that's why I can honestly stand here and tell you today that this lid right here will be the last garbage can lid you're ever going to have to buy."

What happened to The Last Lid on Shark Tank?

Once Kevin and Melissa Kiernan finished their initial pitch, the sharks were not very impressed. The couple was seeking $40,000 in exchange for 20% of their company, valuing The Last Lid at $200,000 despite not having much of a background. At the time of filming, The Last Lid was simply a finished prototype with a patent pending, but the Kiernans had never sold a single product. Lori Greiner, as well as several other sharks, were immediately skeptical about the reliability of the product. "What's going to stop a raccoon from just peeling it right off or gnawing right through it?" Greiner asked.

While the couple tried to explain that The Last Lid was a repellent for animals, the sharks had more concerns about the fabric trash cover. "But Kevin, that's an awful idea," Robert Herjavec said, pointing out that the lid would need to be washed. The team revealed their product was machine washable, but most of the sharks went out. "I know what it's like, but I can tell instantly if it's a hero or a zero, and I'm sorry, I think it's a zero," Greiner told the founders. Surprisingly, Daymond John was interested and made a deal with the Kiernans, $40K for 60% equity.

The Last Lid after Shark Tank

Though Melissa and Kevin Kiernan had a rough time in the tank, their deal with Daymond John paid off for a while. According to a post on The Last Lid's Facebook page, its website went live on the same day the episode aired, but it is unclear how much was sold immediately following the show. The company also made a few changes to the product, replacing the metal clasping ring with a spot to zip-tie the lid to the trash can. While the original plan the company pitched on the show was to sell two covers for $19.95, they began charging $10.99 for two lids and ten zip ties.

A commercial for the product was also released on TV, featuring John showing his support for The Last Lid. At some point, the company began selling its garbage can covers in a few stores, including True Value and Walmart, and on Amazon.

Is The Last Lid still in business?

Despite the apparent success of The Last Lid's commercial, the company never seemed to flourish. The Last Lid's website is no longer available, and their trash can covers are out of stock on Walmart and True Value's websites as well as on Amazon. According to Kevin Kiernan's LinkedIn page, the company was sold in 2015 to an unnamed retailer and garbage can manufacturer.

Despite this, the product continued to receive reviews on Amazon up to 2017, but many of them were not positive and complained of leaks, tears, and other issues with the product. Though the married couple from New Jersey were sure the garbage can lid they invented would be the last one customers would ever need to buy, their several Amazon reviews claim that the covers don't last long and have trouble holding up against the elements. The Kiernan's managed to secure an investment deal on "Shark Tank," but it wasn't enough to keep their business up and running.

What's next for The Last Lid's founders?

Melissa and Kevin Kiernan are no longer involved with The Last Lid and have since moved on to other ventures. According to her LinkedIn page, Melissa Kiernan was previously a sales and marketing specialist with Goldman and Patcher Orthodontics, and she currently works as a sales specialist for Evenly Orthodontics. Kevin Kiernan's LinkedIn shows that he co-owned Preferred Pool Management, a company that repairs pools and staffs lifeguards, from 2016 to 2022.

The Last Lid's Facebook account hadn't made a post since 2015 until the end of last month. Their most recent post isn't about the business, but asks for donations to support Kevin Kiernan's complicated recovery after he donated his kidney. The GoFundMe campaign was started by Kiernan's son and has raised almost $16,500 of its $20,000 goal. Kiernan explains in a clip posted by Northjersey.com that he hasn't been able to work since the surgery in January 2023 and has needed multiple operations since.