Unbeatable Faux Fur Blankets That Add Cozy Charm To Any Room

Accessorizing your home doesn't always mean buying expensive appliances and imposing furniture. You can doll up your environment by adding simple, strategic elements that won't make you cry salty tears into your empty purse. An easy way to transform your room from a regular living space to one that makes you want to sprawl across the sofa is by adding a big, comfy faux fur blanket to the picture. These cozy throw blankets look good in any room and are perfect if you want the feel of warm, soft fur without the cruelty involved in making them. Faux fur blankets give your room a cozy charm because who doesn't want to come home after a long day and wrap themselves up in plush material? We have meticulously curated a fine selection of the five best faux fur throws to browse and choose from.

Faux fur is the ideal option when keeping warm during the colder months because not only is it made with synthetic fibers instead of real animal fur, but the blankets are also hypoallergenic. Faux fur blankets also don't shed the way that real fur does. Before you place an order on the first faux throw you see online, you have to know what you're looking for. Everyone has different tastes and expectations of what their blanket should do for them, and once you figure that out for yourself, choosing your dream faux fur blankie will be a breeze.

How we selected products

Not all faux fur blankets are created equally, so determining the one that will work best for your home requires a technical breakdown. When you think "faux fur blanket," you imagine a never-ending plush sea you could dive into and get lost. However, that's not the dream for everyone intending to snag a throw blanket. While many people want the softest, creamiest blanket, others would like something a bit thinner that wouldn't weigh them down. Similarly, some people wish to have very long blankets that they can throw on their beds, while the rest opt for smaller and shorter wraps to go around their bodies while watching TV.

All of these traits should be taken into consideration when making your selection. The faux fur blankets we've arranged for your perusal were graded based on their material, size, prices, the quality of the finish, their designs, and how often they shed, if at all. They all have superb reviews and high standards, but depending on your taste, you can decide which blanket to decorate your home with.

Best Overall: Bedsure Sherpa blanket from Amazon

Some faux fur blankets are guilty of possessing unfavorable traits like being too heavy to clean, too thin, or not being durable. That is why the Bedsure Sherpa blanket from Amazon makes the cut for the best overall faux fur blanket. It's everything you could want in a plush blanket. Its features are balanced, making it a decent choice for even the pickiest of people. The blanket consists of two sides: One with ultra-soft faux fur and the other made of Sherpa, a fuzzy, wool-like material perfect for snuggling in. The faux fur blanket also washes easily in your washing machine. It comes in different designs and lengths with the lowest price being a modest $30.

Best Texture: Marshmallow by Unhide

If you're in the market for the softest, plushiest faux fur blanket around, then you'll want to invest in Unhide's Marshmallow. As the name implies, this velvety blanket feels like jumping into "marshmallow heaven," or at least that's how a buyer described it. This is perfect for people who live in the colder regions and need something to keep them warm and toasty. The softness also guarantees a nod of approval from your pets. Made of 90% recycled material, Marshmallow is very dense at almost 10 pounds in weight and comes in a very decent size of 60x80 inches. It also comes in 12 lustrous colors to choose from.

Best Luxurious Taste: Luxury Garnet Throw Faux Fur blanket by Spirithoods

When it comes to luxury and class, nothing is beating out Spirithoods' Luxury Garnet Tissavel blanket. Tissavel ranks high on the list of luxurious faux fur materials available because of its high-density and above-standard quality. The texture is as close as you can get to the feel of a chinchilla without actually being real animal fur. The only downside to owning a Tissavel blanket is that it'll dent your budget quite a bit, but — trust us — the $240 is worth it. Spirithoods also offers their Tissavel blankets in a few other designs that are sure to elevate the sophistication of your room while still being plush and cozy.

Best Breathable Blanket: XYYZYZ Faux Fur Blanket from Amazon

Faux fur blankets are typically known to be plush and heavy, characteristics that buyers look out for. However, some people want the look and feel of a faux fur blanket without the extra weight. That is why the lightweight XYYZYZ Faux Fur blanket from Amazon is such a great choice if you fall into this category. It's thinner than most other plush blankets, but that doesn't take away from the softness and richness of the faux fur. It's easy to wash and dry, as long as you keep it light years away from hot water. Not only is it portable and breathable, but it comes at the giveaway price of $16.

Best Affordability: Threshold Ruched Faux Rabbit Fur Blanket from Target

Cost-friendliness being a major deciding factor when looking for faux fur blankets is completely understandable. You deserve a quality throw blanket that won't shed or become shaggy and old, even if you're on a tight budget. Target's Threshold Ruched Faux Rabbit Fur blanket adds a smooth, contemporary touch to your living space with its ruched design. We chose this because it's the right blend of heavy and plush without being overbearing, and it will set you back only $30 if you purchase online. It makes the perfect accessory for your bed or couch without overpowering them and is guaranteed to keep your piggies warm. The ruched faux fur blanket comes in two solid colors and is easily laundered with your washing machine.