The DIY Project Chip Gaines Warns Beginners To Avoid At All Costs

DIY projects can save a lot on labor costs, especially in a big home renovation where many changes need to be made. Not everything can be skimped on, however, as mistakes in certain projects can be both costly and dangerous. One of these is the installation of concrete countertops, and "Fixer Upper" co-host Chip Gaines would agree. In Season 1, Episode 13 of "Fixer Upper," Gaines talked about the challenges of this particular DIY. "Concrete countertops are definitely in the category of 'do not try this at home if you're not an expert,'" he said (via YouTube). "These things crack if you don't do rebar just right."

While some people may successfully DIY concrete countertops at home, it's essential to understand why experts advise against it for the average person. The main reason is that this project requires a high level of skill, patience, attention to detail, and specialized tools. Hiring a professional instead of making an attempt at it can make a significant difference in the execution and durability of the end result.

Why beginners should avoid DIYing concrete countertops

From properly mixing and pouring the concrete to getting the right measurements, making your own concrete countertops is challenging to execute successfully and costly to fix if need be. According to Chip Gaines, mixing the concrete is difficult but so is getting the air out and spreading it correctly over the surface. Further, achieving a uniform appearance is also hard if there are inconsistencies in the mix, the curing, or the finishing.

DIYing concrete countertops can also limit your creativity when it comes to the designs. Because the additional materials cost more and require more skill, you may not get what you really want when you take this project on as a beginner. Having a basic design, especially when not done well, can also detract from your home's appeal if you try to sell it in the future. If you're not confident in your abilities for this DIY, it's better to hire an expert.