The Top 8 Best Floor Pillows To Maximize Comfort And Seating Space In Your Home

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Looking for ways to transform your room with stylish cushions? Floor cushions are where it's at. Relaxing on the floor rather than on a couch or chair has been a way of life for people for millennia — think zabuton in Japan, the Indian tradition of floor sitting for family bonding and good health, and 1960s and 70s beanbags. What's more, floor cushions are the ultimate emergency seating and the perfect answer for those looking to furnish cramped spaces. "The distance between the ceiling and furniture is higher with low furniture, which makes the room volume feel spacious," interior designer Jarret Yoshida says to Livingetc.

Whether you want a floor cushion to spice up a boring floor or because you don't have room in your teeny NYC apartment for a full-sized couch, there are a few features you need to keep in mind while shopping. Consider the materials you prefer. Plastic-based textiles are easier to clean, but natural fibers breathe better and are (arguably) more environmentally friendly. The ideal size for a floor pillow is about 36 inches, so look for pillows as close to that as possible. This gives most people enough room to sit on the cushion cross-legged. Check, too, whether the cover comes off for washing or if you have to spot-clean the cushion. A machine-washable cover is a must-have for those with kids and pets, but perhaps not so essential for a couple in a condo.

How we selected products

Our search for the very best floor cushions out there right now took us deep into Google, the socials, and our own knowledge of what's trending in ground-level home design. We sorted by customer rating and dived into the reviews on sites like Wayfair, Amazon, and Houzz. The bestseller lists at Walmart and other big box retailers told us what floor pillows people are lounging on right now, too.

We created shortlists, exploring the news, awards, and collaborations for each product. Did this pillow get highlighted in fashion-forward publications like Dwell, House Beautiful, or our very own House Digest? Is it the result of a collab between two iconic design brands, like, say, IKEA and Marimekko? Like it or not, TikTok and Instagram trends dictate a lot about what ends up in our homes and lives today. More than one of the floor cushions on this list is here because of its TT fame — whether it's a look-a-like or the real thing. Finally, every pillow manufacturer and brand in this has been vetted to ensure their products are high quality, value for money, and do what they promise. So, without further ado, the list!

Best overall floor pillow: Chenille Square Floor Pillow Cushion by House of Hampton®

Back at the end of July this year, popular home-living TikTokker Eric Wang posted about an oh-so-classic Urban Outfitters floor cushion. You wanted it. We wanted it. So much that it's now sold out! We looked around for an appropriate replacement for our "Best overall floor pillow" category and found this House of Hampton® beauty. This soft, sheer-look square pillow fits snugly into any corner, and you can prop one up behind the other, leaning on a wall, to create a mini, floor-level lounge. The poly-chenille has a luxurious look and feel and comes in four go-with-all-decor colors (charcoal, ivory, navy, and plum). You can't beat a bit of Baroque in any home — that scalloped trim and tufting have us.

Get the House of Hampton® Chenille Square Floor Pillow Cushion at Wayfair for $41.99 (was $44.99).

Best outdoor floor pillow for your balcony or patio: BASTUA Outdoor Floor Cushion by IKEA

As soon as we saw IKEA was teaming up with iconic Finnish design house Marimekko, we knew we had to have something from the BASTUA collection. And this limited edition floor cushion is it! Designer Maija Louekari says the pillow's bold green and red vegetative print is "inspired by the large, decorative rhubarb leaves that sometimes grow next to sauna buildings in Finland." Ultimate fall vibes, right? Measuring in at 24 x 6 x 24 inches, there's ample room for lounging on a patio or deck. The durable cover is made of 100% recycled polyester with a polypropylene lining, making this the ultimate easy-care cushion. It can be thrown in the washing machine when dirty. The BASTUA will also work if you're looking for a stain-proof floor pillow for indoor use.

Get the BASTUA Outdoor Floor Cushion at IKEA for $59.99. Be quick — once stock's gone, it's gone.

Best bargain floor pillow (under $40): Flower Floor Pillow by Sioloc

What we looked for in this category is floor cushions that are affordable for most without compromising on quality, and the Flower Floor Pillow by Sioloc fits the bill. With the 1990s and 2000s trending again, daisy everything is having a revival. This puffy bloom for your home comes in 15 colorways, from classic black with white center to a lime green and orange option. Choose the 29.5-inch-wide pillow if you want to use it on the floor. A quick scan of the 2,000-plus mostly positive reviews reveals one gripe. It seems the plush, polyester-cotton blend and propylene cushion arrives is not as plump as expected. The solution? Get two in different colors and stack them! On the plus side, the cover is removable for easy washing, and purchasers say it's particularly great for small spaces like apartments.

Get the 29.5-inch Flower Floor Pillow by Sioloc on Amazon for $35.99.

Best floor cushion for meditation: Heavenly Buckwheat Bean Meditation Cushion by Sage Meditation

Meditation pillows are recommended for regular inner peace seekers who need help keeping comfortable during a session. They can also act as a reminder — seeing your cushion in the room prompts a session. The cushion is stuffed with eco-friendly buckwheat instead of synthetic fibers. One customer noted on the Sage Meditation website that the overstuffing is a bonus: "I can personalize the amount of filling." You can personalize the height, too. Choose between 3 and 5 inches of lift. The pillow comes with a nifty carry bag so you can take your personal pillow to yoga classes or retreats.

Get the Heavenly Buckwheat Bean Meditation Cushion at Sage Meditation for $59.99 (3 inches of lift) or $64.99 (5 inches of lift).

Best floor cushion for sleeping: Henegar Poly Chenille Lounge Floor Pillow Cushion by Mistana™

You're still not over the fact that the giant rocking "crash pillow" that took TikTok by storm (via @fl._.res) has been out of stock at COSTCO since 2022. Since we don't know when (or even if) it's coming back, we've found an alternative. The Henegar floor cushion by Mistana™ is another long, ultra-comfy floor pillow you can stretch out on. Okay, so it doesn't rock, but it does have a bunch of other attractive features. It has shabby-chic button tufting and is over 6 feet long, so almost anyone can stretch out on it. It comes in the ultimate neutral palette: aqua, blush, gray, and ivory. One of our favorite things about this lounge pillow is that it can be rolled up, picked up by the nifty handle, and stowed away when not in use. The only common complaint is that this could be a bit thicker, so keep that in mind if you prefer chunky cushions. The manufacturer encourages owners to occasionally fluff the pillow to de-compact the filling.

Get the Henegar Poly Chenille Lounge Floor Pillow Cushion by Mistana™ at Wayfair for $67.99 (was $89.99).

Best modern-contemporary floor pillow: Knotted Floor Cushion by Pink Lemonade

Pink Lemonade is a design company founded in the USA not too long ago by dancer and fitness instructor Supriya Damani. The women-owned company specializes in lifestyle and baby products with a planet-friendly approach. They're GOTS and OEKO TEX certified — two global standards regulators dedicated to promoting the use of responsible textiles — and use Azo-free dyes for all their products. The Knotted Floor Cushion is among their most popular products, stocked by cool curators like UPSTATE MN (Grand Marais) and The Lobby (Toronto). Made of 100% organic cotton, they're comfy and breathable and come in seven subtle (for example, Linen Sand Mel) and vibrant (Lady's Pink) colors. One minor downside is these cushions are spot-clean only.

Get the Knotted Floor Cushion at Pink Lemonade for $220.

Best playroom floor pillow: Spot by Foamnasium

Kids are naturally low to the ground, so floor sitting makes sense to them. But it also has developmental benefits like encouraging them to explore a range of sitting positions, improving posture, and promoting spatial awareness, per Peekaboo Interiors. Foamnasium knows all this, and their Spot floor cushion for kids embodies it all. It's big — a whopping 38 inches across. The cover's made from medical grade vinyl, and inside is a foam inner that is US-made and CertiPUR-US certified. Perhaps best of all, this billowy pillow comes in so many colors — like ... 17! We particularly love the zesty Mint and the summery Enhanced Marigold. Spot is part of a range of Foamnasium children's lounge products, giving you and your little ones endless fort-building, ahem, nursery outfitting options.

Get Spot at Foamnasium. Prices start at $129.

Best handcrafted floor cushion: Bohemian Floor Pillow by The Boho Lab

Popular Instagrammer and self-proclaimed "arty-farty basket case" @arty.tictac's tutorial on how to make a colorful coiled rope basketry cushion inspired many to create a Bohemian hideaway at home. You, too? Honestly, buying a pillow is a better (and faster) solution to achieving that vibe. Where's the best place to find authentically handcrafted home decor in North America? Why, The Boho Lab, of course! Founders Amine Bentaher and Hamza Menebhi — architect and product designer, respectively — are from Morocco and innately channel the country's culture into their products. Their Bohemian Floor Pillow — 31 x 35 x 8 inches — is handcrafted from vintage Moroccan rugs, with both sides featuring the pattern. Because they're made from rugs, they're ultra-durable. The only downside? You need to spend over $350 for U.S. shipping.

Get the Bohemian Floor Pillow at The Boho Lab for $166.