A Humidifier Might Be The Answer To Your Squeaky Floors

There are tons of perks to having hardwood floors — they're sturdy and durable, they offer a classic, clean look, and they can last you upwards of 60 years, with a few refinishings every 10 years or so. But one drawback of hardwood floors is the way they occasionally squeak. However, before you start ripping up plants, you can easily stop annoying squeaks by running a humidifier in the same room as your noisy hardwood floors. 

Before you try to stop any squeaks from happening, it's important to understand what causes these creaks and groans in the first place. For starters, fluctuations in temperature are one of the reasons your floors might be squeaking as you walk. As the weather changes, your wood floors expand and contract. You may even notice that squeaks are loudest in the winter when the air is dry. As you turn on your heat, the squeak may increase in intensity.

Find the right humidifier for your space

If you're ready to stop your hardwood floors from squeaking, the first thing to do is locate the source of the squeak. You want to ensure there's nothing wrong with your floors that requires a professional's attention. Keep in mind that you need someone to help you out with this step, as you'll need them to walk around your room while you listen to see where the squeaky noise is coming from. While your helper walks about the room, pay close attention to any noises you hear. Once you pinpoint the source of the squeak, inspect the planks. If you see any gaps around this squeaky floorboard, then humidity might be the culprit. Additionally, if you only notice this noise when the weather changes, it may very well be your home's humidity levels. This is why you should keep humidity levels consistent, checking to see if this alleviates your squeaky hardwood floors. 

But how do you find the perfect room humidifier, and what should you set it to? For starters, find a humidifier that can accommodate the size of the room you're placing it in. You should also choose one that you can easily operate and maintain. For squeaky floors and optimal humidity levels, it's best to run your humidifier so your home is between 35% and 55% humidity. This should stop your hardwood floors from expanding and contracting with the change in temperature, thus alleviating any squeaks.