Create Unique Bathroom Storage With IKEA's Popular Kallax Shelves

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It doesn't matter if you have a small bathroom or if your space is just overflowing with toiletries, towels, and more — the struggle to keep it organized is real. Luckily, there's an incredible IKEA KALLAX shelf hack that one TikTok video uses to bring a sense of calm to an otherwise chaotic space. These shelves are an affordable solution for a cluttered bathroom, with an eight-cubby unit starting at $89.99. Depending on where you live and how many items you're purchasing, IKEA may even deliver this cabinet right to your front door. 

But the point of this hack is to help you organize your space, which means you need some storage cubes to go with your shelf. IKEA has a ton of bins to choose from to create discrete storage. The DRÖNA storage box fits perfectly in this storage space and costs $6.99 per cube. You can choose from several different colors and patterns, which means you can go neutral or add a vibrant pop to your bathroom. 

The best part is you can use this shelf elsewhere in your home if you one day decide you no longer need it as a makeshift linen closet. These make ideal housing for toys, clothes storage, and so much more. This means you can find a ton of ways to repurpose this piece if it outgrows its usefulness in your bathroom. Until then, here's how to carry out this genius hack.

Setting up your IKEA KALLAX bathroom shelf

The IKEA KALLAX shelf comes in a variety of colors. You can choose from white, black/brown, and a couple of different wood effect options, perfect for any decor. Once you've purchased your shelf and assembled it, the fun begins. You'll need several storage cubes to carry out this hack, so if you forgot to purchase them at IKEA, don't stress. The cubes that best fit this shelving unit are about 13 by 15 by 13 inches, but something similar can easily be purchased on Amazon. Depending on how much bathroom storage you need, you may want to purchase enough cubes to occupy every cubby or just a few to hide certain products. You can also purchase KALLAX inserts with doors that make the section into a cabinet for more functionality.

In the TikTok video, @jellyxellie uses a row each of doors and cubes, opting for smaller, decorative containers for smaller items. You can keep your linens exposed or conceal them in a hidden section. You can also display cotton swabs, puffs, and all your other toiletries right in plain site, using a variety of trays and boxes to house them. With nothing more than an affordable storage shelf from IKEA and some attractive containers, you can have the organized bathroom of your dreams.