The 9 Best Bed Risers For Maximizing Storage Space In Your Room

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When every closet, drawer, nook, and cranny is stuffed to the gills, but you're still in desperate need of additional storage space, it makes sense to look under one of the largest pieces of furniture in your home: the bed. But in order to take advantage of this area, you'll need plenty of clearance room so those storage containers can fit underneath. If you have a bed that's low to the ground or needs a few extra inches to make the space into a functional storage area, you just need bed risers. 

Bed risers are simply weight-bearing supports that you can add to the legs of your bed that will raise it off the ground. They come in a variety of styles, materials, and installation types, so you can easily find the right set to fit your needs, whether you need just a little extra wiggle room to get that last tub or Christmas decorations to fit, or even add a study area underneath your teen's single bed. We found the top nine best bed risers to accommodate a variety of situations. 

How We Selected Products

To find the best bed risers, we considered a few factors: installation types and ease of use, different scenarios that would require specific types of bed risers, bed types, and of course height specifications and weight capacity. Bed risers are typically grouped by their installation type, of which there are three major categories: stackable, adjustable, and screw-in. But beyond these three groupings, we also wanted to consider different situations that would call for bed risers. Dorm room dwellers may want their desk to be lifted high enough to fit a mini-fridge underneath, while others might just be looking to find a few inches for sweater storage, ease back pain by making it easier to get in and out of bed (or off of a couch), or just give your robot vacuum enough room to actually complete its cleaning routine. 

Naturally, along with these various scenarios, we also needed to consider the size of the beds and bed frame types — and how much weight the bed risers would need to accommodate. Finally, we are not the type to ignore looks completely, so we also looked for aesthetically pleasing options for those who want their bed risers to be a design bonus in the room. 

Best overall bed risers: Maple Square Wood Bed Risers by Honey-Can-Do

Our top pick for best overall bed riser was easy to pick. This solid wood set from Honey-Can-Do is beautiful, able to hold up to 300 pounds, offers 3.5 inches of extra clearance below your bed, and you can get a set of four for under $20. Plus, this set is stackable, meaning no assembly or fiddly screws. The wide, squared base provides plenty of support and stability for your bed frame, but it could easily work on other pieces of furniture such as a couch or armchair. 

Honey-Can-Do's wooden bed risers in maple are available at Home Depot for $19.90. 

Best budget buy bed risers: 3-inch Bed Risers by BTSD-home

Bed risers are an excellent way to get extra storage on a budget, but some of them can run a bit steep. For the frugal home designer, you can't do much better than this set. The biggest selling point is that a four-pack of these black plastic bed risers is available for under $15.00. They also add three inches of space under the bed and can hold up to a whopping 2,000 pounds, making these perfect even for super-heavy beds.

Purchase a four-pack of BTSD-home's 3-inch bed risers from Amazon for $11.99. 

Best stackable bed risers: 8-pack Bed Risers by Flechazo

If you aren't sure how much under-the-bed space you need stackable bed risers are a solid choice. This set from Flechazo comes with eight platforms that can stack on top of each other. When attached to a base, a single block measures nearly two inches, or three inches with an additional block on top. These require no drilling or assembly, so you can add them to your bed legs easily and quickly. Each block has a textured anti-slip pad, so you don't have to worry about the legs of your bed slipping. 

Buy Flechazo's eight-pack of stackable bed risers from Amazon for $21.98.

Best adjustable bed risers: Adjustable Bed Risers by HomeitUSA

If you want your bed riser to come with options, then an adjustable set might be right for you. This pack of four bed risers from Target can be set between three modes: 3, 5, and 8 inches, depending on your storage needs. These tapered, adjustable bed risers are great because they come as a set, so you won't have to order multiple packs to get to your desired height, unlike many stackable sets. You can use the blocks together or separately, so they offer a ton of bang for your buck. 

Purchase a set of HomeitUSA's adjustable bed risers from Target for $25.99. 

Best screw-in bed risers: Steel Riser Legs by Leggett & Platt

Screw-in bed risers are essentially just bed leg replacements. If your bed came with short legs, you can just swap them out with this option. This is a benefit because your bed isn't balancing on a platform, which increases stability, but they do need to be super solid and sturdy. We like these metal black screw-in legs from Walmart. Even though they aren't the most eye-catching, they aren't prone to breaking like flimsy wood composite or plastic bases. They add 7 inches of clearance under your bed, making these a perfect option for extra storage space. They're also easy to install and shouldn't require any tools thanks to their threaded bolts. 

Purchase a four-pack of Leggett & Platt's screw-in steel bed risers from Walmart for $66.00.

Best for maximum height: Ultimate Height Bed Risers by Suprima

For those who need lots of extra room, these super-tall bed risers are the way to go. Available in a set of four, these risers are nearly 24 inches, which gives you plenty of room to fit a fridge or set of drawers under your bed. The height is unmatched, and these risers are available in pink, white, and black. Unfortunately, these are only for use on twin or extra-long twin beds. With such great heights also comes a measure of instability, and these legs cannot support bigger bed sizes. Additionally, they are only for use with wooden-legged beds and should never be used on a lofted bed because the additional height could cause it to break or fall. 

Suprima's extra tall bed risers are available from DormCo for $119.82. 

Best for other pieces of furniture: Wooden Furniture Risers by Sopicoz

Whether you want to turn your desk into a standing desk or make that ultra-low midcentury couch a little easier for older folks and those with disabilities to get off of, bed risers can be the perfect solution. This stunning set is perfect for pieces of furniture other than your bed, because they aren't at all obtrusive, come in a variety of wood tones, and can be stacked on top of one another to customize and adjust as needed, choosing between 1-4 inches of additional height. Plus, no assembly is required! 

Purchase Sopicoz's set of six wooden bed risers from Amazon starting at $25.99.

Best for platform beds: Heavy Duty Bed Risers by I3C

Platform beds can be great until you need extra storage room, or if you're no longer 20 and it takes a little more work to get in and out of bed just a few inches off the ground. But you're in luck because while most bed risers are meant to be attached to bed legs, these squared bases can elevate platformed beds. These blocks just have two walls, so the corner of your platform bed can sit flush with the supports. Each riser can be stacked on top of each other to offer additional height. 

I3C's bed risers for platform beds can be purchased on Amazon for $19.99. 

Best bed riser set with charger ports: Bed Risers by Butizone

If you're faced with the affliction of not having a close-by outlet for your phone or computer charger at your desk, on the couch, or by your bed, bed risers can help with that, too, as some are equipped with an outlet, plug, and even USB ports. These adjustable legs from Wayfair are a great choice and can be stacked to add three, five, or eight inches to the legs of your furniture. Never again will you have to awkwardly scramble on the floor to reach an outlet with a set of these. 

Purchase Butizone's wall outlet and USB port-equipped bed risers from Wayfair for $42.50.