Towel Bars Are The Secret Organization Weapon Your Closet Needs

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If you're looking to organize and clean your closet, you don't need to buy any fancy furniture to store your clothes. And if you have a wardrobe overflowing with outfits, stuffing them in a drawer is a guaranteed recipe for wrinkles. However, one of the best ways to hang your garments is actually with a towel rack, according to one genius TikTok hack. If you think you need some super expensive bars to hang your clothes, you'll be pleasantly surprised to learn that you can find these racks on Amazon for less than $25 each. 

What makes this storage trick so great is that it helps you organize laundry and clothes by using vertical space. Plus, when you store your shirts and pants in drawers, you spend unnecessary time searching for an article of clothing. But this awesome storage hack lets you hang your pants and shirts, providing storage with visibility and easy access. And since these towel racks don't stick out that far, you can easily use them in a variety of spaces — even small ones. Here's how!

Install a towel rack and grab some curtain hooks

According to @therenegadehome, all you need are several 23-inch towel racks, but whatever size you can find will work. You could even purchase adjustable ones if you're not sure how much space you need. But, since you'll be hanging multiple pieces of clothing, just be mindful of your towel rack's weight capacity.

Keep in mind that these towel racks won't accommodate a full-size hanger since they're so close to the wall. Instead, you'll need to hang your clothes using shower curtain hooks or rings. An alternative option is using metal or plastic rings that snap shut, keeping your clothes securely in place.

For pants, all you need to do is clasp one of your belt loops over the end of a curtain hook. For shirts, you can hang them from their tags, as long as you can loop a hook through. This is also a perfect way to organize bras and tank tops by simply hanging them by the straps. And the best part, this closet storage hack helps you keep wrinkles at bay.