Fix Your Squeaky Door Hinges With This Staple Pantry Ingredient

Dealing with the irritating sound of a squeaky hinge is enough to make anyone cringe, especially if it's in your own home. Inadequate lubrication and degradation are usually some of the most common triggers of this bothersome noise. Thankfully, one simple pantry staple ingredient could help to solve all your woes: peanut butter. Although this nutty spread is usually strictly assigned for culinary uses, it turns out that it works a complete treat to halt squeaky doors in their tracks. Once you apply it to the offending hinges, you should be able to finally enjoy a bit of peace. Talk about a quick fix!

Alongside being an incredibly cheap solution, this hack requires little to no DIY skill at all, meaning almost anyone can try this out for themselves. Likewise, it should suit you perfectly if you have been dealing with noisy hinges but haven't yet had any spare time to rectify the problem professionally. However, how do you use this pantry staple on these door components? Let's find out.

Rub peanut butter on your hinges

Thankfully, this hack is fairly simple. All you'll need is an old cloth and some peanut butter, and you should be good to go. To begin the process of achieving squeak-free doors, you first need to check your hinges to remove any excess dirt. If you find any, just give it a quick clean. Now, it's time to introduce your peanut butter. Simply take a scoop of the spread with your cloth or finger and gently work it into your hinges, making sure to give the area a good coating. This will help it to slip into all the nooks and crannies. Once you're satisfied with your handiwork, simply remove the excess and test out your door for any squeakiness. If it persists, you can always try adding a bit more peanut butter. However, if it doesn't work, then there may be another problem that you need to take care of.

So, what makes peanut butter so good at eliminating squeaking? Well, it all comes down to what it's made of. The oily composition of the substance works as a lubricant to lessen the amount of friction that can trigger the noise. This helps the components to glide more smoothly and, thus, eliminates any unsavory sounds — talk about magic! So, if you're worrying about a squeaky door hurting your home's feng shui, or are just ready to have relief from the noise, this hack should fix the issue in no time.