The Genius Hack To Keep Rust Off Your Shower Products

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A squeaky-clean bathroom creates a pleasant, refreshing, and invigorating shower experience. However, soap scum, water build-up, and rust rings can ruin your experience and affect your bathroom's aesthetic. The iron in metal bottles and moisture-laden oxygen in the shower are the ideal combination for oxidation or rust. Wondering how you can protect the metal canister of shower gel, shaving cream, and shampoo from rusting? Just apply a thin coat of clear nail polish on the bottle's underside.

While there are several ways you can remove soap scum, get rid of water stains, and clean rust from the shower, it's important to keep an eye on your metal shower products, too, to prevent them from rusting and creating unsightly rust marks on your bathroom's counters. This hack isn't just simple and time-effective, it's also economical — you can purchase a 0.4 fl oz bottle of Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear clear nail polish for under $4 at Target.

Clear nail polish will help you keep rust off

To prevent your aluminum and steel shower product bottles from developing a coat of rust, dry the outer surface with a clean cloth. Now, let the bottle air dry for a couple of minutes. Once it's dry, flip it, dip the brush in the clear nail polish, and use it to paint a thin protective layer on the bottom. Enamel-based clear nail paint will give the surface a glossy and waterproof seal, preventing the iron and oxygen from reacting with each other. Coat the underside carefully and set it aside for drying.

Take care to keep the painted bottle from coming in contact with water till it dries completely. Moreover, keep it flipped over to avoid smearing other surfaces — depending on the polish and the thickness of the coating, it can take between 10 minutes to an hour to dry. After the polish dries off, you can confidently place the canister back in the bathroom, and your counters will stay rust-free. You can also use colored nail polish for this hack, however, this might ruin your bottle's look based on your handiwork.