DIY A Budget-Friendly Garden Kneeler With This Genius Pool Noodle Hack

Perhaps you've started gardening for the first time in your life, and you're trying to plant all your favorite flowers for a vibrant winter garden. But, you quickly realize that sitting on your knees all day isn't the most comfortable position to stay in for hours. So, you might buy some knee pads, yet they don't last as long as you hoped, so you're wondering what else you can use to protect your knees without repurchasing expensive knee pads. Well, you can actually DIY knee pads solely using pool noodles as your resting cushion. Pool noodles have become a staple for many DIY projects because they're budget-friendly.

You'll need one to two pool noodles to support your knees. Purchase any color you like, or buy multiple noodles if you want to try other DIY projects. We've tried many pool noodle DIYs you might want to test. In addition, grab a tape measurer, an Xacto knife, a Sharpie, twine, and hot glue.

The pool noodle kneeling pads will come in handy for other activities outside gardening, such as cleaning your home's interior, scrubbing the floor, or painting the baseboards. It'll take you a few minutes to create the kneeling pad so that you're able to use it immediately. Here's the step-by-step tutorial for your pool noodle kneeling pad.

From pain to comfort with a supportive pool noodle cushion

Gather all of your materials and lay them out on your workstation. Start by measuring out three 17-inch marks along one single pool noodle. Depending on the manufacturer, most swimming pool noodles average between 45 to 55 inches long and are 2 ½ inches in diameter. You can get away with 17-inch markings for a pool noodle over 52 inches. Of course, you can measure your noodle and divide it by three to figure out exactly how much to measure.

Once you've made your marks, cut them straight down with your Xacto knife. You'll have three individual noodle pieces. Cut an additional piece from a second pool noodle if you want more room to kneel comfortably. Finally, secure the noodles together by hot gluing each of them together to create a long stack and tie them with twine. If you don't have a glue gun, duct tape is an excellent alternative. Let the glue dry, and you're done! Use your new kneeling pad in your garden when repotting plants into the ground or pulling out weeds. You can rinse it with water after you've finished using it and place it in a safe place to prevent it from getting damaged.