Use Hilary Farr's Brilliant Idea To Save Money And Stay Warm All Winter Long

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Winter can be a beautiful season thanks to the snow-covered landscapes and the seasonal joy it brings. However, if you live in a colder climate, you'll know just how chilly it can get once those frigid temperatures hit. Turning the thermostat up can be expensive, but luckily Hilary Farr has a solution — incorporating rugs into your home. Via a blog post on, the design expert revealed, "On the floors, I've got an array of plush rugs underfoot, and they act much like snow, adding to the peace and quiet by tamping down sound and acting as insulation."

You may be skeptical, but in fact, rugs and other textiles have been used to retain heat in a room for a long time, something Farr mentions in her post. "Heavy tapestries were hung on the walls of castles to keep damp and draughts away from the living spaces and to keep the heat in," she wrote. Not all are created for warmth, though, so it's key to find a rug you can decorate with that will also help prevent cold days and nights.

Choosing a rug that will keep a room warm

First things first, material is key. As a clothing material, wool is famous for being an excellent insulator. So, it makes sense that these insulation properties would carry over when it's used for a rug. However, a wool rug isn't super effective at keeping the heat in by itself. You should look for one that also has an additional plush foam layer beneath. This will not only help insulate better but also make your rug feel plush and cushier to the touch 

Texture is another important thing to look out for when choosing a rug. Smooth ones can look nice, but it's actually shaggy designs that win when it comes to warmth. Styles like this fluffy sheepskin rug from Wayfair or this plush shaggy area rug from Target are both soft and will stop the cold from seeping through. Finally, keep in mind that a rug won't make a room magically warmer by itself. Taking other measures like blocking drafts from doors and making sure there aren't any gaps in your flooring will give you the best results.