For Non-Slip Bathroom Towel Bars, Save Your Empty Paper Towel Rolls

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You can have the most beautiful, meticulously designed bathroom in the world, and you'll still be dealing with towels slipping off the towel rack. Indeed, in the clean towel versus dusty bathroom floor fight, gravity is not on your side. But before you give up entirely on your towels staying where they should be, there's a quick way to secure them, and all it takes is a simple household item. As demonstrated by TikTok user @thecardboardqueen, you can use an empty paper towel roll as a tool to keep your towels in place (depending on the length of the towel rack in question, you may want to use an empty toilet paper roll instead). Put the cardboard roll over the towels on the rack, and the towels won't be able to slip down.

This DIY hack takes less than a minute to do and will cost you no money. All you need is a cardboard tube, scissors, and a little bit of patience as you position the tube over your towels. Start by using your scissors to cut a line down the length of the paper towel roll. Cut a second line, about a half inch apart from the first line, so that you create a small vertical opening in the tube. Next, place the paper towel roll over the towels draped on the towel bar, using the opening in the roll to fit the cardboard over the rack. And just like that, your towels are fastened into place.

Pulling off the non-slip towel rack hack

To make this hack work, you'll need the roll to properly grip the towels. As you position the cardboard roll, you might find your bathroom towels are too thick, in which case you'll need to cut a wider gap in the roll. The gap should be wide enough for the cardboard tube to fit around the towels without folding or breaking, but thin enough that it can tightly grip the towels and keep them from falling. You may also need to trim the sides of your paper towel roll to better match the size of the rack.

You can end the project right there or improve its look by taking the time to decorate your paper towel roll. Once you've confirmed that the roll will work to keep the towels from slipping, you can take it back off the towel rack and work on sprucing it up. Paint, decorative craft tape, and even a tiny piece of leftover peel-and-stick wall paper are straightforward ways to give your cardboard roll a pop of color. For instance, check out the Diversbee Pastel Washi Tape from Amazon, which comes in a few simple, attractive patterns. Any decorative material will work, as long as it doesn't interfere with the cardboard roll's function as a non-slip towel rack device. And with the finishing touches done, you have a lovely addition to your bathroom that helps your towels stay clean and organized.