The Bathroom Cleaning Hack That'll Ensure Your Floors Are Even Cleaner

Scrub, mop, repeat — cleaning bathroom floors can feel like a never-ending battle. Those grout lines cling onto stubborn dirt and grime as if their sole purpose in life is to torment you. And don't even get us started on soap scum. But fear not, weary cleaner! By incorporating steam into your bathroom cleaning routine, you can triumph over the filth and achieve a sparkling clean floor. Now, let's conquer those tiles, one scrub at a time.

Dealing with stubborn messes in the bathroom can be made easier with the power of steam. However, you don't need to spend money on expensive steam mops. This clever cleaning hack only requires your shower. Just turn the water to its highest heat and get ready to clean. As the steam fills the bathroom, you'll witness the magic of the stuck-on tile grime loosening effortlessly. So, turn up the heat and let the vapor do the hard work for you.

A steaming solution

To begin, let the shower water flow at its maximum hot setting for approximately 10 minutes. Ensure you close the bathroom door and any windows, trapping the steam within the space. After the shower runs for a sufficient amount of time, grab your cleaning supplies and spray a suitable floor cleaner on the tiled or linoleum surface.

The hot water and steam generated by the shower will already have begun loosening the dirt, which makes scrubbing it away much easier. Nevertheless, you'll want to be cautious of the hot water and wear appropriate protection, such as gloves and closed-toe shoes with a good grip. Finally, use a scrub brush or mop to vigorously clean the floors, paying attention to any stubborn stains. Rinse the floor with clean water afterward, and voilà, you should find that the hot steam cleaning hack has made the scrubbing process remarkably effortless.