TikToker Shows How To Upcycle An Old Lampshade For Your Indoor Plants

You're itching to level up the decor in your living room but your dream of a full-scale renovation — different color walls, new furniture, a bold painting — isn't quite within reach. But a complete overhaul isn't always necessary anyway. Don't underestimate the power of tiny changes to instantly upgrade a room, like getting an easy-to-care-for houseplant to pull in a sense of vibrancy. Another frugal touch is to repurpose thrift store finds into snappy-looking decor. And, surprisingly, you could actually combine the two to create a dynamic, new design element. This TikToker elevated her decor by simply thrifting for an old lampshade. Then she upcycled it to disguise the pot of her indoor plant, creating a little corner of chic.

This hack is beneficial for the planet, your wallet, and your creative juices. It may seem like a small action to take, but upcycling keeps lampshades (and plenty of other items) out of the landfill. Plus, for those of us who love design on a budget, thrifting is a fabulously economical way to redecorate. It also has the element of surprise; if you regularly stalk your favorite thrift store, you're in the best position to pounce on the perfect old lampshade and create a magical plant shade.

How to create your plant shade

A smart way to approach your creative upcycling is to first buy an indoor plant that you love. Measure the height and circumference of its pot. Showing up at the thrift store with a measuring tape isn't a bad idea so you can measure the interior dimensions of the lampshade to make sure it will fit. However, if you're thrifting and come across a shade that's a must-have, you can simply shop for an indoor plant in a pot that will fit.

The shape and material of the lampshade are key for this hack to work. Some lampshades are narrow at the top and wider at the bottom. These won't work because they won't hide the pot when flipped upside down. The best shapes for this hack are drum, square, or rectangle. Look for lampshades in rattan, straw, sea grass, or metal mesh because they're durable. If you spill when you're watering, fabric lampshades will show stains and are a nightmare to clean. Flip the shade upside down, and place the potted plant inside so it rests on the interior hardware and you have some super stylish indoor foliage.