Get The Most Out Of Your Can Of Paint With TikTok's Simple Trick

When you finish with your paint can, your instinct may tell you to toss it into the garbage. However, one hack by TikTok user @diywithemma shows how you can easily save paint using just a silicone spatula. Rather than throwing it away, you can easily scoop up the remains and put them to good use, whether saving them for another day or using them to finish your own DIY project. You could also store your leftover paint too. Either way, you should be able to find something to do with it. However, this isn't the only benefit when it comes to this hack.

Alongside giving you more bang for your buck, this paint hack also reduces the amount of paint waste you throw away into the environment. While it's likely only a small amount, it's still better to get into good habits when you're disposing of leftover paint. So, how exactly do you use a spatula with your almost empty paint can? Let's take a look.

Use a spatula to collect the paint

In order to get the most out of your paint can, you'll need one magic item: a silicone spatula. To collect any excess paint, simply drag your spatula around your paint can where the remains are. As a result, it should begin to accumulate on your utensil. Of course, you can also move your can around if any paint is difficult to get to. Rinse the spatula and repeat the process until you have gathered most of the leftover paint in your can. From here, you can either use it on a project or add it to a can with the same color. As a result, you should get some extra "bang for your buck," and you should never have an excuse to toss out extra paint again. 

The reason a silicone spatula works so well in collecting any leftover paint all boils down to its design. Its unique shape allows it to be easily streamlined across surfaces, helping remove the paint in hard-to-reach areas.