Get Lawn Stripes The Neighbors Will Envy With This Reel Mower Hack

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From the perfectly coifed landscapes gracing the grand English manors to the meticulously groomed greenery of ballparks and golf courses, one thing often stands out — the captivating artistry of lawn striping. There is an almost magnetic allure in the clean, symmetrical patterns that seem to dance with light and shadow, transforming a humble suburban yard into a mesmerizing tableau of greenery. No doubt, that prompts a burning curiosity within homeowners: Can you stripe with a reel mower? Sure! It's all in the savvy manipulation of grass blades using an additional piece of equipment, transforming them into contrasting shades of foliage when sun rays strike.

Now, onto the burning question that has probably brought you here: What can I add to my lawnmower to make stripes that will make my neighbors green with envy? One might conjure images of a sophisticated gadget like the Toro Striping Kit for Walk-Behind Mowers on The Home Depot. But why loosen your purse strings by shelling out more than $120 when you can forge your path to picturesque lawn stripes with a budget-friendly alternative? Your knight in shining armor comes in the guise of a conveyor roller — a simple yet effective tool that will transform your reel mower into a stripe-engraving powerhouse. Next, let's delve into how to integrate this innovative solution into your humble reel mower to create enviously perfect lawn stripes in your backyard.

How to upgrade your reel mower with a conveyor roller

Begin this exciting journey of transforming your reel mower into your lawn's "Picasso" by choosing the proper conveyor roller length. It should fit the width of your reel mower's cutting deck. The diameter must strike a balance — large enough for distinctive stripes but suitable enough for the mower's efficiency. A great option would be the Ultimation Heavy Duty 21-inch Galvanized Steel Roller Set going on Amazon. Should the piece not meet your requirements, the retailer has different lengths and diameters to make your selection journey a walk in the park. You won't need an army of tools to secure the roller to your reel mower. Brace yourself with necessities like brackets, a reliable wrench, bolts, nuts, and, if circumstances demand, a cross-member frame and rented welder. Next, place your mower in a comfortable working area.

The transformation begins by mounting sturdy brackets to the rear end of your mower's cutting deck. Get ready for some adrenaline rush, for you might need to bolt and weld into place a cross-member frame, fortifying the brackets to withstand the tension and motion of the spring-loaded roller. Next, slide the conveyor roller into its new home between the brackets. The spring-loaded ends of the roller provide simplicity — no fussing over extra bolts, washers, or nuts. Your reel mower is now equipped to elevate your yard to a landscaper's heaven and the talk of your neighborhood with stunning lawn stripes.