How To Take Your Yard From Drab To Fab On A Budget, According To An Expert – Exclusive

While you may put a lot of attention into your home to make sure it looks good, the yard sometimes doesn't get the same level of care. To that end, does your lawn look unkempt, perhaps with areas of overgrown plants or patches of dirt where grass should be? If so, it might be time to put some more love into your outdoor space. There is the expense factor to consider, though; costs range widely based on what your plans are for your lawn, as the national average range for landscaping a yard is $8,000 to $15,000, according to Fixr

Are you not so interested in spending that much but still want to enjoy a beautiful outdoor space that fits your family's needs? Fortunately, you don't always have to go overboard to get impressive results. Jeremy Yamaguchi, the CEO of Lawn Love, provides some insight on how to do just that in an exclusive interview with House Digest. Believe it or not, you can have a gorgeous yard without having to overspend on it.

Maintenance matters

Often, people set out to comprehensively redesign and update their yard, believing they need to put a lot of money into the project to get any type of real result. Jeremy Yamaguchi says that doesn't have to be the case in all situations, though. "The attractiveness of a backyard has a lot to do with how well it's maintained," he explains. "You don't necessarily need to have fancy water features or a ton of colorful flowers for it to be 'attractive' — you just need to make sure that you have it well-kept."

Look at your yard as it is. What type of maintenance is lacking that you could catch up on to see significant improvement? "Mow your lawn frequently to keep it short and neat, remove weeds, prune your plants, and keep everything well-watered so your yard and plants stay green and healthy," Yamaguchi continued. That alone will make a big difference.

Plant shrubs and young trees

If the maintenance of your lawn is taken care of and you still want to add some beauty and luxury to your outdoor space, skip the expensive additions and keep things natural. It may bring in the value and aesthetics you desire, as noted by Jeremy Yamaguchi. "If you want to add to your backyard, I would suggest planting shrubs around the border and/or planting a young blossoming tree, like a crabapple," he revealed. "Shrubs can be inexpensive and are an easy way to elevate your yard while keeping it looking fresh and neat. Young trees are less expensive than older trees and easier to plant, and blossoming trees look great throughout all the seasons."

Fixr shares that the cost to add a flower bed is around $1,000 to $3,000, depending on the size of it. You can also plant a tree for under $300, and that's with the help of professional installation. Shrubs are even more affordable at between $25 and $50 a pop, and they add lots of beauty, privacy, and definition to your space.