This IKEA Tarva Dresser Makeover Has TikTok Drooling

TikTok is the place to share and rave over breathtaking DIY transformation projects, and many DIYers have tried giving IKEA's TARVA dresser a makeover for months. It's one of the most popular dressers on the retailer's website because it's durable, affordable, and easy to construct. TikTok user and interior designer Drew Michael Scott, also known as @lonefoxhome, may have given the most likable transformation to the dresser; other users were in awe of the finished makeover, with one commenting, "The only successful dresser makeover I've seen on TikTok." So how'd he do it? Scott kept things simple with a coat of paint and raffia paper, making it the perfect statement piece.

The classic TARVA dresser has a simple design with a solid untreated wood base, making integrating it into any living space effortless. The untreated wood makes staining, waxing, and painting the surface a breeze. A quick wood stain will give the dresser a modern touch. Or, replace the basic round wood drawer handles with bronze metal pull handles for a timeless look. There are many ways to upgrade the dresser, but Scott's transformation might be the one you'll want to try to replicate. Here's everything you need to know.

Materials you'll need to replicate the dresser

In the video, TikToker Drew Scott briefly mentions the different items used to make this dresser transformation come to life. The most important thing you'll need is IKEA's 6-drawer chest TARVA dresser, which is currently on sale for $189.99 on IKEA's website (down from the original price of $329.99). You'll also need light gray paint as the background color for the drawers and the primary shade for the rest of the dresser. Scott used raffia cloth to add texture and contrast to the drawers. Using raffia cloth is one of the easiest ways to revitalize any thrifted furniture next to adding a new coat of paint. He also used Mod Podge as the glue to stick the raffia cloth to the dresser — an excellent item to have if you're a DIYer because it can be used as glue, a sealant, and a finisher for any crafts project.

You'll need a few other materials: a paintbrush and roller, scissors, plastic sheets, heavy books, a saw machine, and wood planks. Scott added trellis edging to the drawers, which he sized and cut the wood himself. Of course, you can use a regular hand saw to avoid buying a saw machine. You'll need a ruler and pencil to measure out the wood trim. Lastly, you'll need a staple gun to attach the trim to the drawers.

Overview of dresser makeover

Once you've gathered your materials, you'll want to set them up in the garage or somewhere outside to prevent making a mess inside. TikToker Drew Michael Scott removes the wooden knobs and paints all the drawer faces with light gray paint. After the paint has dried, he loosely measures out the raffia cloth to cover the drawers, leaving about an inch or two of space from each end since that will be used for the trellis trim. Using the Mod Podge, Scott adds a layer to the drawer's surface, applies the raffia cloth, and sets a heavy book on each end to ensure it stays smooth and flat. He repeats this step with the other five drawers.

Cut the trim while the Mod Podge dries after the drawers are covered with raffia cloth. Scott cuts four trellis edges, two longer pieces for the top and bottom, and two smaller pieces for the sides of the drawer, totaling 24 pieces for all six drawers. Once the trellis edgings are cut, the TikToker lays them on the drawer over the raffia cloth and staples each end to the surface. Then, the drawers return to their slots, and the trim gets painted light gray. Finally, he installs the hardware and sets up the newly transformed dresser in his home. It makes the perfect chic statement piece that complements other wood elements.