Keep Your Swiffer Duster Head From Falling Off The Handle With This Genius Hack

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Did you know that you should dust your home at least every two weeks? If dusting feels like a chore, you're not alone. But thanks to products like Swiffer, you can clean your house quickly and efficiently. However, your Swiffer duster head might fall off every time you use it. If this is the case, all you have to do is tie the disposable duster in place with a small hair elastic. And since dusting is a crucial part of any house cleaning regimen — especially if you have asthma or allergy sufferers in your home — it's essential to adopt practices that make your routine easier. 

You should also dust to improve your indoor air quality. This beneficial activity can keep your immune system healthy as you remove allergens, germs, and bacteria from your home. Swiffer products are known for latching onto dust, so you don't transfer it elsewhere. This is important because large dust particles can bother your upper respiratory tract, including your throat, nose, and even your eyes. So if you're ready to clean with ease, here's how to efficiently use a Swiffer head thanks to a plastic hair elastic.

Secure the head with an elastic

In this helpful YouTube video, @AskAngelaBrown explains that you need to first remove the Swiffer head from its handle. Next, you'll want to wrap a small hair elastic around the base of your Swiffer. She recommends small hair ties found on Amazon, but you can use rubber bands or whatever hair elastics you happen to have available. No matter what type of elastic you use, wrap it around the base of your Swiffer enough times to secure it tightly in place — Brown twists hers only once. Then, put your Swiffer back together, attaching the head. You'll now want to wrap one loop of your hair elastic around the bottom skirt of your Swiffer head, preventing it from sliding around as you clean. 

If you're tempted to skip this hack and just purchase a feather duster, you'll be shocked to learn that they don't actually remove dust all that well. They might trap a few particles, but for the most part, feather dusters only push dust around your home. This is what makes Swiffer products superior. Once they trap dust, you can simply throw them out. With feather dusters, you have to shake them off outside. You then need to clean your duster and wash it with soap and water to remove residual dirt and dust. Instead, grab a hair band and give this hack a try for an easy cleaning routine.