The Best Way To Iron Your Clothes If You Don't Have An Ironing Board Handy

We've all been there, you reach for your favorite shirt, only to find that it's wrinkled from cuff to collar. But what do you do if you don't own an ironing board? The answer is simple — grab a thick towel, a flat surface, and create a makeshift ironing board. The best thing about this awesome hack is that you can use it anytime, anywhere. Even if you own a clothing steamer, you might find that some garments have stubborn, deep-set wrinkles that require something a bit more heavy-duty — an iron.  

There are tons of reasons to iron your clothes. For starters, it can make even a dingy old shirt look fresh and new. You might even find that ironing can improve the way your clothes smell, as it gets rid of odor-causing bacteria. You should always use your iron's steam feature, as this is the key to ridding your clothes of wrinkles. But steam also helps the fabric's fibers to relax — something that's great if you accidentally shrunk a shirt. Here's how to iron laundry without an ironing board. 

Grab some towels, a flat surface, and an iron

One of the easiest surfaces to carry out this ironing hack is a table. However, the above YouTube video explains that you should never iron on a plastic surface. You want a sturdy surface without any kind of lacquer or veneer on it. If it does, you run the risk of damaging or melting your furniture. Next, place a towel on whatever surface you use to iron. This helps absorb any steam your iron omits. Although you can buy blankets created just for ironing, you can use a thick towel or several thinner ones to create a similar thickness. Additionally, always use white or light-colored towels, otherwise, you run the risk of dyes transferring to your laundry. 

You don't have to use a counter or table. However, this will give you fresh-pressed creases in your clothes. If you just want to remove some wrinkles, use a carpeted floor, your bed, or the top of your dryer. As with other surfaces, always use ironing blankets or towels — if you use the steam function of your iron on a wooden surface and don't use an ironing blanket or towels, the wood will shrink and swell with the change in humidity.