Use A Dishwasher Pod To Get Your Fridge Sparkling Clean With This Genius Hack

We often think we don't have to clean the fridge as often as other appliances, like the stove or microwave. That's because it acts more like a cupboard than a tool. All you do is store your ingredients and leftovers on a shelf; it's not like food is splattering, or grease is flying. But as anyone with one of these modern marvels knows, it still gets pretty grimy. Crumbs spill out, vegetable leaves and stems litter drawers, and mysterious condiment rings are left behind on shelves. And the worst part is that cleaning the appliance is a bit of a pain, so most of us probably don't clean it as often as we should. You need to take everything off the shelves to thoroughly scrub it, which is usually a project too big to want to tackle. However, one pantry staple can make it a bit easier: a dishwasher pod. 

This trusty tablet not only scrubs grease and food stains off your dishes in the dishwasher, but it can also help you cut your time in half deep cleaning the fridge. You can either use a soft or hard pod for this hack, and it will help you get more use out of the same cleaning product. Here's how to achieve it. 

How to use a dishwasher pod to clean the fridge

The first thing you want to do is to remove all of the food from the shelves. It's the best way to deep clean the space and ensure you've gotten all the food residue and splatters inside the appliance. Then, take a moment to remove any crumbs and leftover vegetable pieces from the shelves and drawers. You can do so either with a handheld vacuum or a damp cloth. Once that's done, you can grab your dishwashing tablet to make quick work of the sticky stains and hard-to-remove residue left behind. 

If you're using a soft gel pod, grab a bucket of hot water and throw the tablet in. Wait until it dissolves, and then either grab a microfiber cloth, sponge, or rag to dip in and squeeze out excess water. Use the mixture to wipe down shelves, walls, and any particularly dirty drawers. If you're using a hard tablet, you can also use it as an abrasive. Before throwing it in the bucket, dip the flat side into the warm water and use it to scrub any dried, sticky messes. You might wonder why you would use a pod rather than just a regular cleaning spray. Since these tablets are specially formulated to tackle dried food and grease stains, they can cut through splotches much faster than a regular spray. That means you spend less time scrubbing, making the task go twice as fast.

If you choose to use this hack, please make sure to consult the product's packaging for any potential safety considerations.