Why You Should Avoid This Mopping Hack At All Cost According To A Professional

If you've taken a glance through #Moptok recently, there's a chance you've come across the boiling water hack to get your floors as clean as can be. However, this is one trend you'll definitely want to avoid, especially if you have hardwood or vinyl floors. As pointed out in a TikTok post by cleaning professional and homemaker coach, Kendra Hennessy, mopping with boiling water is almost guaranteed to do more harm than good. 

At face value, the idea of boiling hot water to clean doesn't sound too bad. After all, boiled water has long been touted as an effective tool to disinfect things like cutting boards, without having to use harsh chemicals. It's for precisely that reason that steam mops have been developed. However, while hot water may mitigate the need for chemicals, it's certainly not always the best solution. For one, using boiled water on your floors can cause some serious damage. We're talking about the kind of damage that may even require you to redo your flooring altogether. 

That's right — the best-case scenario, when using boiling water to mop, is a lack of shine. This particular hack has the power to damage floors themselves, as well as what's on top and beneath them. It's not exactly surprising, then, that most experts warn against this approach. 

Boiled water causes damage to most floors, long-term

It's no secret that unsealed hardwood floors are easily damaged by water, so we won't get into that. However, if you thought your sealed hardwood was safe from the tarnishing effects of boiled water, think again. As noted by Kendra Hennessy, the sealant itself can be damaged by piping hot water. And, if you've opted for a vinyl floor, it's still not advised. Per Hennessy, the glue used to secure the vinyl is easily damaged by boiled water.

Granted, many fans of this hack have pointed out that they haven't had any issues. However, this is more of a long-term problem. As Hennessy explained in her TikTok video, "You don't see the negative effects until it's too late." That means, if you've been using boiling water or a steam mop around your home for months on end, you could easily end up with a problem on your hands. Instead, take a leaf out of Hennessy's book and research what works best for the specific floors you have. As a general rule, though, lukewarm water generally does just fine on vinyl. As for hardwood, opt instead to sweep and spot clean with minimal water — and only when necessary.