Why You Should Stop Using A Steam Mop On Your Floors Immediately

Steam mops are a type of cleaning equipment used to eliminate dust from your floor, according to Good Home Time. They work by heating up water and creating steam, which homeowners typically use on hard floor surfaces. Steam mops have taken control of the market because of their convenient ability to clean quickly and effectively. For those who live in a home that quickly collects dust, this may seem like a dream cleaning product; however, there are certain downsides to be aware of.

Steam mops can damage certain flooring materials, especially laminate flooring — a popular choice for homeowners. Due to a steam mop's ability to creep water into cracks and crevices, it may not be the best option if you want your flooring to be long-lasting. It should be noted that some flooring manufacturers even warn against using a steam mop on certain flooring materials, and some say your warranty could even be voided.

The dangers of warm moisture

Good Home Time says using a steam mop on laminate floors is risky and can cause detrimental consequences. Although contract workers typically seal laminate flooring, it may not always be completely sealed. This is because they are installed in the same pattern as wood planks, meaning that there will sometimes be gaps between them. As a result, moisture that seeps in can make laminate flooring curl. Steam mops don't only ruin laminate flooring but engineered hardwood as well, according to HGTV. This flooring material is laid down using adhesives, which quickly get ruined by steam mops. When moisture gets in engineered hardwood, it can cause so much damage that you may have to replace it. 

However, some flooring is safe to use steam mops with when taking the proper precautions. Solid hardwood floors are generally safe against steam mops, which leave a nice, clean shine to the floor. However, ensure your hardwood floor is properly sealed before mopping, as the moisture can cause damage. Ceramic and porcelain floor tiles are also very safe options when using a steam mop. Since they are installed into a mortar and concrete combination, there's not much risk, even if the surface is cracked.