Kick Cockroaches To The Curb With One Popular Scent

Cockroaches can cause countless issues within the home, and prevention is key. If you want to try non-toxic, chemical-free solutions, you should try thyme to prevent a cockroach infestation. This simple pantry herb is inexpensive and can be used in several ways, both indoors and outdoors. And since you probably have some thyme in your spice rack, you can easily try this helpful trick without running to the store. 

If you suspect you may have cockroaches, it's best to take care of them immediately, as these invasive pests can carry a host of diseases and bacteria that can harm you and your loved ones. This includes salmonella, streptococcus, and staphylococcus. They can also carry entamoeba histolytica and polio. Although rare, cockroaches may even bite you. When they enter your home, they carry in small particles that can quickly contaminate your indoor air, exacerbating asthma and allergies. These particles include skin, feces, and saliva. But thanks to thyme, you can deter cockroaches before they contaminate your house. 

Create a thyme spray

Your first line of all-natural defense against cockroaches requires a jar, thyme leaves, and apple cider vinegar. You want to include the vinegar because its strong smell also repels roaches, amplifying your thyme. Next, you'll want to add them to a container, closing it tightly so it can steep for several days. Once your mixture has had sufficient time to marinate, you'll want to strain it, transferring the contents to a spray bottle.

If you're worried about your spray bottle clogging, you can add a small piece of cloth around the base of the pump, securing it in place with a rubber band. This works to filter out any tiny particles. Next, spray your solution around your home, targeting areas where you've seen cockroaches or other bugs enter. Remember that cockroaches can enter your home via an opening that's as small as 1/16 of an inch, so look everywhere. 

Why cockroaches hate thyme

Thyme contains carvacrol. This compound keeps roaches away, as these pests appear to be afraid of it — although the reason is unclear. However, you can take this hack a step further and work to prevent roaches from entering your house in the first place. All you'd need to do is add some thyme to your garden, warding cockroaches away with the scent. In fact, mosquitoes and other stinging insects may steer clear of thyme when planted outdoors. Alternatively, you can safely grow a fresh thyme plant indoors.

Another idea is to take dried thyme and place it in sachet pouches. From there, stash it around your house. Place it in cupboards or other areas where you've seen roaches. It's important to place these sachets near areas where cockroaches seek out water and food sources, working to prevent them from contaminating your food. You should also cover all food sources and keep your pet's food in a sealed container — cockroaches gravitate toward pet food, so don't give them easy access to an all-day buffet.