Can You Really Use Cedar To Keep Mice And Rats Out Of The House?

If you like the scent of cedar, consider placing it around your home in any areas where mice and rats often lurk. Cedar is one of the most recommended natural remedies for repelling rodents, but whether or not it works depends on several factors. It's noted that cedar has a very strong scent, and the presence of that odor isn't appealing to rodents. These critters are food-seekers, always on the search for a source of food to consume. Their strong sense of smell either propels them into an area or repels them away. Because cedar has such a potent smell that doesn't resemble food, you can expect it to discourage mice and rats. They'll likely go in a different direction to seek out something edible. 

However, don't expect this method to work 100% effectively. If these rodents are already established in your home, garage, or other area, chances are that the scent of cedar will not be strong enough to remove them. Your house is a warm and safe structure, which will still be appealing to them. Unless you place enough cedar throughout your home, it's likely they will just move from one area to the next, which doesn't fix your pesky rodent problem. At the same time, cedar can help when used as a preventative treatment. Using the right type and placing it in the ideal location could offer the best strategy to keep mice and rats out of your home without harming them.

Types of cedar that will repel rodents from your home

If you have a significant rodent problem, you'll need to find other effective strategies for removing the pests from your home. However, if you haven't seen them in your space but want to be proactive about keeping them out, you can use cedar to help with this. There are numerous types of cedar products you could use including blocks of wood, mulch, chips, and oils. Typically, you can use any of these types as long as they are a high-quality, 100% natural product. Avoid products that contain chemicals on them, as this can cause toxic exposure to any animal inside or outside the home. Also steer clear of cedar products that have a stain or coating on them, as these will limit the strong scent of the cedar, thereby making the wood less effective.

Wood products are one option, but cedar oil is a secondary solution as well. It's made out of the essential oils from cedar trees, creating a very potent and strong scent that works well when placed in various areas. The stronger the odor is, the more likely it is to encourage the mice and rodents to move in another direction. However, this type tends to cost more than purchasing wooden blocks or chips. Further, too much of the oil can be dangerous to any animal or person that consumes it, so it's important to keep kids and pets away from areas where it's applied.

Where to place cedar to repel mice and rats

There are some simple ways to use cedar to repel rodents from your home. If you're mulching your flower beds, invest in cedar products without dye on them. Choose a high-quality mulch that comes in large pieces for the aesthetic you're creating. The big pieces will ensure that there's enough of the scent present. You can also use cedar blocks, sold in many home improvement and garden centers. Often purchased in bundles, you can place these around your exterior or in areas within your home, such as in the windowsills in your basement. You may wish to place them in any openings in the walls or attic, too. 

Cedar oil is a bit more flexible in its use but may need to be reapplied often to get the best results. You can apply it directly, dilute it with water in a spray bottle, or soak a cloth or cotton balls with it. Then, apply the oil or place the soaked material wherever mice or rats are typically seen. 

However, if you see rodents in your home, notice droppings present, or hear them in the walls, it's not likely that cedar will be the best way to get rid of them. This is because cedar is considered more beneficial for prevention before rodents take over your home. If cedar is ineffective, professionals can help with other humane methods for getting rid of mice and rats.