Banish Flat Tires From Your Wheelbarrow With This Genius Hack

A wheelbarrow is a workhorse that helps move heavy loads with ease. However, one common problem that they face is flat tires. A flat tire can impede your work and sometimes lead to the premature demise of your tool. Fortunately, there's a brilliant hack to banish flat tires and make your wheels nearly indestructible — replacing air with expanding foam.

Essentially, by filling your flat tire with expanding foam, you are replacing the missing air with a solid substance. This can also prolong the life of your wheelbarrow's wheels and save you money in the long run. A can of expanding foam is usually inexpensive, ranging from $8 to $20, depending on the brand and type. This is far more economical than a tire replacement, which can cost around $30 a tire! 

To embark on this flat tire-banishing journey, you'll need the following materials: expanding foam, protective gloves, a drill, and cleaning supplies. Opt for a minimal expanding high-density foam to avoid rupturing your tires and to replicate your wheelbarrow's inflation pressure. Review the manufacturing specifications of your wheels and ask for help at your local hardware store to find the right product. Before you begin, start by thoroughly cleaning any debris from the wheels of your wheelbarrow. Cleaning your wheelbarrow regularly, regardless of flat tires, can help maintain its overall condition and extend the life of its tires. Now, gloves on, organize your materials, and let's get started. 

How to fix a flat wheelbarrow tire with expanding foam

Begin by flipping your wheelbarrow on its back, wheels up. The first step is to drill two holes the same size as the can nozzle across opposite sides of the tire. This step is essential to allow the expanding foam to fill the entire tire cavity and allow air to come out of the other hole. Next, prepare the expanding foam according to the manufacturer's instructions. Carefully inject the foam into the tire through the hole for about 10 to 15 seconds on one side, then rotate the wheel and do another 10 to 15 seconds on the other side through that same hole. Feel around the tire to ensure that the foam has filled it evenly, expanding to reach all areas inside. Plug the holes. Allow the foam to cure and expand fully within the tire. The curing time will vary based on the specific foam product you've used, so refer to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Once the foam has cured, clean off any excess foam pieces that may have escaped using gloves or pliers. Place your wheelbarrow on a stable surface and test the wheels to ensure they are firm and responsive. If everything looks good, get ready to experience the benefits of your newly upgraded wheels. By following these steps and replacing air with expanding foam in your wheelbarrow's tires, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of flat tires and enjoy a longer-lasting wheelbarrow. Happy wheeling!