The Best Essential Oils For Getting Rid Of Scorpions In The House

Scorpions can certainly cause a fright when you spot one out in the open, but especially when you see one in your home. Your first instinct might be to set a trap, but this can be dangerous, not to mention costly. Fortunately, there's a much more pleasant way to rid yourself of them than with traps. Essential oils will not only make your house smell gorgeous, but certain scents are also hated by scorpions. The next time you spot one of them scuttling around, reach for either lavender, peppermint, cedar, or cinnamon essential oil.

The arachnids hate these scents, so you're essentially banishing them back to where they came from (in a much kinder way than killing or harming them). Plus, if you're squeamish, this way you can avoid direct contact. We've gathered up all the information you need to know on how to rid yourself of scorpions and infuse your home with a delicious scent in one fell swoop.

Not just for scent: essential oils can be a great insect repellant

In addition to lavender, peppermint, cedar, and cinnamon essentials oils working to repel scorpions, there are also a few more that can have this effect. A 2020 study showed that the smell of mint leaves repelled 15 scorpions within a set period of time, and a sweet orange essential oil repelled 17. Coming out on top was the scent of grapefruit, which repelled 23 As for how to use the oils, first work out the places you want to target.

Scorpions usually stick to a few areas in your home, so aim to put the essential oils in these areas (for example, in a corner of your kitchen). Combine two cups of water with approximately 10 to 20 drops of your chosen essential oil, put the mixture in a spray bottle, and then spritz a handful of times to fully cover the targeted area. Don't forget to spray the liquid near doors, too, just in case any pesky scorpions decide to enter that way. 

Always be careful when using essential oils

To summarize, there are plenty of essential oils that can repel scorpions, and the one you choose is really down to your own smell preference. As for why this hack works, it could be because scorpions have a strong sense of smell that helps them detect danger and stops them from ingesting toxic substances. The above scents have been found to work the best at repelling, so it's likely they have detected these particular ones as dangerous.

This hack is less harmful than using chemical products, but something to note is that you should always be very careful when using essential oils if you have pets. If ingested or inhaled by a cat or dog, they can cause health issues like an upset, a low body temperatures, and dizziness. Additionally, you should never put oils directly on a surface — always dilute with water to make a spray. Your home will smell fresh and clean and you can be safe in the knowledge that any scorpions trying to enter will most likely be deterred.