The Stars Of Unsellable Houses Reveal The Perfect Paint Color For Your Kitchen Cabinets

When HGTV "Unsellable House" stars, Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie David, were looking to save a little money in their budget for Mary and Steve's renovation, they decided to give their kitchen cabinets a makeover. But the key to this makeover's success wasn't the design or type of cabinets but choosing the perfect paint color. The right kitchen cabinet color can take your kitchen cabinets to the next level and transform the entire look and feel of your kitchen. This can end up being a crucial selling point for homeowners. And for Lamb and David, who are twins, the perfect paint color for your kitchen cabinets is Sherwin Williams Aleutian SW 6241

The sisters fell in love with the dreamy almost periwinkle blue that boasts undertones of gray and tan to give off a soothing feel. Sherwin Williams describes their color as,"Like a darkening sky at dusk, this cool denim blue settles on your space like calm personified. Bring a chill vibe to your bedroom or bathroom."

The "Unsellable House" stars chose the color since it paired well with the marble countertops and brass fixtures that evoke "regal elegance." Lamb and David were so enamored with the color that they even used it as an accent color in one of the bedrooms and in the rear patio. But the twins said that using this specific color is what made them "obsessed" with this kitchen transformation.

Why Sherwin Williams Aleutian SW 6241 is the best color for your cabinets

Cool blues have become an increasingly popular color choice for kitchen cabinets. It's the second most chosen color for cabinets after white. If white kitchen cabinets are too boring for you, then Sherwin Williams Aleutian SW 6241 should definitely be your top choice. Going with blue for your kitchen cabinets brings some dimension to the space and an extra layer of elegance that you can't get with white. 

White can give off a more sterile vibe, while blues creates an air of relaxation. This goes double for Sherwin Williams Aleutian SW 6241 and its icy hue, which evokes serenity while you're leisurely making your favorite dish or hustling to get lunches ready in the morning. This lighter blue shade will also work very well in helping smaller kitchens look larger since it will reflect light.A color like Sherwin Williams Aleutian SW 6241 will also be easy to decorate around. This color will go well with any neutral color while still making your kitchen cabinets pop. Because of its gray and tan undertones, it also pairs well with other blues.