The Simple Way Martha Stewart Adds A Pop Of Color And Charm To Her Kitchen

If you're an entertainer, an aspiring home chef, or simply just a foodie, you probably spend quite a bit of time in your kitchen. These days, kitchens seem to be a gathering space as large kitchen islands have become trendy and easy for hosts to entertain guests while they prepare hors d'oeuvres or cocktails. A bland kitchen, however, craves pops of color. After a decade of greige being a popular home neutral, it's time to spice things up with colorful additions.

Whether you're trying to jeuje up your stainless steel or simply can't add many personal touches per your lease contract, there are many options to elevate your kitchen that are both practical and affordable. According to an interview on the "TODAY Show" with Martha Stewart, she claims, "It's so pretty to have a counter in your kitchen: your colorful eggs, your fruits, your vegetables, all onions, potatoes, all in bowls right out. It's very bright, very pretty, and it reminds you to use them up in your cooking." So instead of searching the aisles of HomeGoods for expensive wall art, shop the aisles of your local grocery store for colorful foods you'll actually eat throughout the week that will also add pops of color to your counters.

How to affordably style your kitchen counters

In her interview, Martha Stewart's first suggestion was to display fruits and vegetables in large bowls on the counter rather than in drawers hidden away. Go rogue and use what you already have at home: bowls, cake stands, or even wicker baskets. Grab a large neutral-colored bowl — white or cream — so that the colors of your produce will contrast with the bowl itself. If you don't currently possess one, try your local thrift shop for something unique and affordable. Then, simply arrange your fruit and veggies in the bowl to create an aesthetic curb appeal for your counters. Citrus makes a great option because they're colorful, used frequently in cooking, and have a decent shelf life.

Stewart's second suggestion from her interview was to showcase fresh flowers in a simple vase to add color, aromatics, and a touch of whimsy. While Stewart "loves daffodils so much," and they can be a great option in the spring, shop your local nursery or market for what's on sale and in season. Alternatively, if you have fresh flowers in your yard, harvest a few of your favorites and bring them inside to brighten your space. Hydrangeas have a long shelf life and are great summer options that can be left to dry naturally and used as a centerpiece. Moreover, sunflowers are striking, and add vibrant yellows and oranges that can pair well with your citrus bowls.